Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shelf Safe Milk? Who Would Have Guessed?

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My kids and grandchildren love milk as well as my hubby. When my kids were small I could never have enough milk in the house to keep them happy. That was good though, because milk is so good for you. I am not a coffee drinker but do love my tea and there is nothing worse than putting sour milk in a cup of tea. So Milk Unleashed would have saved the day for us many times.

What is Shelf Safe Milk you ask? Check out this video for more information

It’s REAL milk with no additives or preservatives and doesn’t require refrigeration, unlike other milk. Its a Grade A fluid milk that requires no refrigeration until its opened.
It is the unique process of pasteurizing milk at an Ultra High Temperature and then packaging it into the Tetra Pak shelf safe carton. This makes it easy for the family to enjoy milk at any time and pretty well anywhere. You can carry the Tetra Pak in your purse, diaper bag, cooler, and even put them into your child's lunch box. You can always pop the Paks into the freezer at night, take them out in the morning and then by the time you are ready to use them at lunch time, your milk is thawed and nice and cold to enjoy. You can take them to the beach, on car trips, to playgrounds, school, to ball games, or just taking a walk somewhere. Its ready when you are. This milk retains its quality for up to 6 months thanks to the safe Tetra Pak packaging. Once the Tetra Pak is opened it needs refrigeration and can last from 7 to 10 days. Still pretty good isn't it?

It sure would have been nice to have these Tetra Paks when my kids were small. We were always looking for a place to keep the milk cold until it was needed. So we always had huge coolers with ice in it to keep milk cold especially when we were at the beach or out at a park. Those places just don't have refrigerators for anyone to use. Then when we went to the cottage, it took a while for the fridge to get cold enough to put things into so of course the milk wasn't always as cold as it could have been. If only the Milk Unleashed would have been available back then it would have saved us a lot of headaches. Milk goes sour so quickly in the summer heat but with the Tetra Paks there are no worries of that. The milk comes in handy 32 oz. cartons which makes them so easy to store until you need it. You never have to run out of milk again and stop everything to run to the store. You can always have enough right there at home and no worries of it spoiling too quick either like regular milk does.

Milk is rich in nutrients essential for human health such as Vitamins A & D, and B12, With minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium and protein. There are 206 bones in the human body so keep them strong by drinking milk.

Would you like to know where you can buy this milk?

Take a walk around your grocery store and check out the Milk Unleashed cartons. You will find them right there on the shelf just waiting for you to put some cartons into your cart. They have Store brands, Grand Pre - for families, Chokeo - for the lunch box and Baboo for Toddlers. Check them out and see the different flavors Milk Unleashed offers you.

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Shelf Safe Milk? Who would have guessed. Have you tried it yet?

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