Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Ashanging" Picture Hanger Systems

We are in the middle of doing some renovating like putting down new flooring in all the rooms of our house along with painting all the walls and ceilings. Once that is completed we want to put the house up for sale and move into a bigger home. One thing I noticed when we did the painting was when we took our pictures down, we had a lot of holes to patch up. So I didn't put any more pictures on the wall after they were painted. We only left a large one in each room on the wall.
I found this great idea for hanging pictures on the wall without making a whole lot of holes. It is tracks that are installed on the wall or ceiling and cables hang from the track. Then hooks connect your photo to the cable. Ingenious I would say! check this out.picture hangers ashanging

I found these systems at Ashanging They have all different kinds of systems and I know there is one suitable for your home or office. This company has systems for home, Gallery Hanging, Art hanging, and Museum Picture Rails. So you see they just aren't for your home, you can use these systems almost anywhere you have something to hang. The company offers product line breadth and depth. Whether you need cables or rods, track for walls, ceilings or floors, tracks or standoffs for support, suspended or tensioned cables, they can help - and so much more. I think once we move into a new home I won't be putting a lot of holes in my walls to hang pictures. I will have to check out this company and see what will be the best looking system for our home. I see a few I really like already. See they even have them for curved walls. I love it.
 photo rsz_cable24_zps214af442.jpg  photo rsz_clickrailsystem36_coopfuneraire-02_zpsd2ff3feb.jpg  photo rsz_contempo04_zps70b46b2c.jpg  photo rsz_tensioned01_zpsfe84d0d0.jpg

The company has been active in the area of art and art display since 1964, and a manufacturer and distributor of hanging systems for more than two decades, having completed over 20,000 installations in North America. This company was founded in 1964 by Alain Moncade. He sure knew what he was doing when he started up this company.

So if you are needing a new and unique way of hanging pictures, art or your child's art drawings and school work, and don't want to be putting holes in your walls, then you had better check out this company and their new systems. You won't be disappointed in what they offer.

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