Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wool Socks by Petani

I know everyone wears socks whether it be summer or winter and men always need socks. Women do too but men seem to go through them faster than us women. So Petani is offering some of their awesome Thin Merino Wool Organic Cotton Hiking Boot Socks in this giveaway.

PETANI is a company that offers Thin Merino Wool Organic Cotton Hiking Boot Socks that are appropriate for the business office and/or for casual wear. Their Thin Merino Wool Organic Cotton Hiking Boot Socks are made out from a well matching fabric blend: 25% merino wool, 17% cotton, 44% Polyester, 9% acrylic, 4% polyamide, 1% spandex. Made with superior yarn and high-quality construction. They are very suitable for summer because they are thin. These thermal socks feel soft and comfortable, PREVENT HOLES, and last for significantly longer.

I know when I wear a pair of socks, I want to be comfortable in them and don't want them leaving big ridges on my legs because they are to tight. These socks won't do that. These socks are nice and soft and the top has a nice relaxed elastic grip which keeps your socks where they should be without falling down. The toes and heels are well made and are very comfortable to wear.

These Petani Air Socks are designed in the US & produced in Europe. Their socks are breathable, ultra-soft and long-lasting with perfect fit & gift packaging. These socks are very stretchable just like this:

Check out these socks and see what is right for you.

The Hiking Trekking Dress Socks:



Petani Style Company welcomes everybody on their Facebook page . There you can find more promotions for their products all year long.

Now if you would like to win some of these socks, they would be awesome for Fathers Day. The winner will receive a package with 2 pair of socks, and the winner may choose size and color (black, stripped black or grey). Get your entries in today and good luck to you all.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Watermelon Smash --Review

You’ve got to use your head for this challenge! YULU Toys introduces Watermelon Smash, a hilarious twist to the water roulette challenge. Will you end up dry or getting splashed when the watermelon gets smashed on your head?! Players take turns spinning the spinner to determine their fate. Following the spinners' instructions, players press the watermelon against their head. When the watermelon opens, that player is out of the game AND drenched! If you’re playing inside, watermelon seeds are included for a dry game! Be sure to record and share the fun using #WatermelonSmashChallenge!

The new Watermelon Smash game from YULU Toys is a hilarious twist on the water roulette challenge. Will you end up dry or soaking wet? You have to use your head to find out. What you do is you fill the watermelon with water or use the watermelon seeds provided if you are using it indoors. Players then take turns spinning the spinner to determine their fate. Follow the instructions on the spinner and press the watermelon against your head.
Watch out! You never know when the watermelon will crack and if it does, then you lose. The last player left in the game is the winner.
Each Watermelon Smash game comes with a watermelon, seeds for indoor use, the spinner and game rules.

This is for ages 6+.
US $19.99 US retailer: Target Exclusive
CA: $24.99 CA Retailers: Indigo, Mastermind Toys.

This is a game that will give your kids a fun time either outdoors or indoors. I know my grandchildren are going to have a lot of fun with this game.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Satellite Girl and Milk Cow DVD

Los Angeles, CA – GKIDS and Shout! Factory have announced the release of the charming fantasy/science fiction romance Satellite Girl and Milk Cow on Blu-ray/DVD on June 5, 2018. Bonus features include the short film Coffee Vending Machine And Its Sword, and trailers.

The debut feature-length film from Korean director Chang Hyung-yun, acclaimed creator of animated short films that have premiered and won prizes at festivals worldwide, the highly original Satellite Girl and Milk Cow was produced by Cho Young-kag (The Fake, The King of Pigs), and received an Asia Pacific Screen Award nomination for Best Animated Feature.
An out of commission satellite picks up a lovelorn ballad on her radio antenna and descends to Earth to find the source of such sincere emotions. But on the way she is caught in a raging magical battle and transforms into Satellite Girl, complete with rocket shoes and weapon-firing limbs. Meanwhile, the balladeer in question – a loser twentysomething at a cafĂ© open mic – meets the fate that befalls all broken-hearted lovers: he is turned into a farm animal. But love knows no bounds, and aided by the wise and powerful Merlin – a wizard who has been turned into a roll of toilet paper – our duo must evade the all-consuming incinerator monster, the wily pig witch, and other nefarious adversaries in an attempt to be together.

Bonus features
· Coffee Vending Machine And Its Sword Short Film
· Trailers

You can take a look at the trailer here:


"Exhilarating and hilarious! A one-of-a-kind tale!” - Hollywood News

This is going to go out to 3 winners from US/CAN so get your entries in today and good luck to everyone.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Naipo review

Naipo vibrating massager seat cushion:
Code: MTSQI433 for CDN $20 off, after code: CDN $59.99
Official web:

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Writing Journal in Black or Silver

Recently I received from
an absolutely beautiful writing journal. I chose the color of Silver and I love it. It is such a classy looking journal with Rose Gold Embossing. It came well wrapped inside a slip on cover. Inside the cover the journal is encased in its own little box holding it in place like this

On the inside page of this journal this is a little quote:

You can mark your pages as well with the elastic band that is attached to the diary like this:

This Petani Hardcover Journal would be a great gift for teens or the absolute perfect business accessory to keep all of your appointments in or your giveaway or reviews or even your birthday and addresses of special people. Doctor appointments also are a must to keep track of. I know many of you would love a journal like this and I am sure you already have ideas of what you would write in it.
If you would like to check these journals out you can go to



These journals come in the silver or black and both are just as classy as the one I posted above.

Now the sponsor has graciously offered one winner from US or Canada one of these journals in their choice of color, silver or black.

So here is your chance to win one of these journals in silver or black, so get your entries in today. Open to US/CANADA and ends June 8/18 Good luck everyone.