Tuesday, November 5, 2019

#HGG Review- Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit

This season's perfect gift for everyone who seeks serenity and inner joy. This is an Adult Coloring Book for Relaxation and Meditation.

The Kit is designed to quiet your mind with 30 exquisites illustrations and inspirational quotes. It can help you unwind and
remind you of how awesome life is! It's a simple but very effective relaxation tool! Anyone can do it, anywhere and anytime. I am really going to enjoy coloring in this book after the last few months that we have had. I need time now to relax and get back into my lifestyle. Its been hectic.

This Relaxation kit has 30 Designs to color
Medicoloring: Meditation Guide
Multi-Color Pencil

I was asked by Olga Horvat if I would do a review of her kit and of course it looked very nice so I agreed. The kit came in a very short time after I accepted her request and now that we are back home and I have the time now, I will be able to sit in the evening and do some adult coloring. Some of the pages in this kit are going to look so nice once they are colored. Take a look at some of the pictures in this kit.

A couple more from the book:

I know you would love this book. Now a little about the author.

Hi, my name is Olga Horvat.
I'm the author of When Dogs Fly and the creator of Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit.

Olga's Story

I've tried many "traditional" meditative techniques, but I was not making any progress.

I almost gave up on meditation until I had my aha moment. This happened on my trip to Thailand. I was coloring one of my pictures at the airport and later during my flight. I didn’t notice how time passed by so quickly. Although traveling can be a stressful experience, such as coping with bad weather conditions, traffic jams and flight delays, that day I was not feeling stressed out at all. When I finally landed in Thailand after an 18-hour flight, I felt relaxed and without any signs of fatigue. This was surprising considering how much time I spent traveling!

At that moment I made a realization - I was meditating through coloring during my travel. I tuned into a meditative state of mind easily and effortlessly without being aware of it! It was a stunning discovery!

I'll be happy to teach you this relaxation technique, which I named "Medicoloring". It's very simple and super effective! All you need is a coloring page and a pencil (a multi-color pencil).

Feel free to follow Olga here https://twitter.com/OlgaHorvat
And here https://www.instagram.com/olgahorvat/
And also here https://www.facebook.com/Royal-Dogs-Gallery-132778286756355/

You can read more on Olga's page here https://www.royaldogsgallery.com/ and you can order your own Relaxation Kit from her site.

Thanks Olga for the kit.

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