Thursday, March 22, 2018

Hippity Hop, Easter is on its Way!

Well we have an early Easter this year and I have a book for someone to win. The book is from and you get to choose which book you would like.
First I was sent these three books:

Once upon a time there was a book about.. Monsters! No. Space Aliens? Nope. A boring Bunny? Yes... A Bunny! A Giant Scary Truck-Eating Bunny?!?
Um... well, maybe it was a tiny bit gig.
From the curious mind of Rowboat Watkins comes a ginormously imaginative story that is as funny as it is philosophical. How big is Big Bunny? And how will this story end? readers both big and small will discover that it all depends on how you look at it.

The second book is Guess Which Hand
With this book you turn the wheel and lift the flaps. Maybe you will choose the correct hand right away. So let's play Guess Which Hand. Turn the wheel to choose an object. Then, guess where the object might be.
Lift the flap! Did you guess correctly? Play again(and again) by turning the wheel to choose a new object. Are you ready? Here we go! Like this page or this one
The last book is Tiny The Canada Easter Bunny
Its Easter morning in Canada and Tiny is out for a jog, but he stops in his tracks and discovers the Easter Bunny stuck in a log! With the Easter Bunny trapped its up to Tiny to save Easter in Canada! But being a bunny isn't as easy as it looks, especially for an elephant. In this fun and playful story, find out how Tiny uses his own special talents to save Easter!

One lucky winner is going to have their choice of one of these books. So enter today and good luck.