Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Both men and women would love this.

Does your man have trouble with his wallet being too bulky in his pocket? Or would you rather be able to go shopping without having to carry a purse all the time? If this creates a problem with too many cards in a wallet along with cash and other papers then we have the answer. Its called Raw Wallets from Formulated Brands and this is all you really need to carry on your person. It will hold all these cards along with cash and hospital cards, drivers licence etc.

This wallet weighs in at only 4/10ths on an ounce and is only 3.5 x 2 x 2.5 inches in size. It really is a minimalist's dream. A key secret of the Raw Wallet is it's unique "thru-slot" which enables you to securely insert your currency while maintaining the slim profile.

It has a snug elastic fit which secures all your cards with no risk of them falling out. You can turn it upside down and shake it and everything will stay in place. You can't do that with a wallet or a purse without messing things up or losing something.

See this little blue tag where my finger is? You can put your car keys in the ring loop so you have them instead of putting them in your pocket.

So some additional benefits of the Raw Wallet are:

**Smooth out your lines and men can save their backside with this ultra thin slim wallet
**You'll forget you're even carrying a wallet
**Stay protected against pick-pockets
**More room in your pockets or your purse, and far less hassle
**Top and bottom access to your cash
**Key ring loop to keep all of your "key belongings" connected
**Full satisfaction guarantee

The sponsor has graciously offered one of these Raw Wallets to one winner in Canada and one winner in the US So get your entries in today and good luck to everyone.


Mystic Misha said...

This is a wonderful wallet. I just love it! Thank you. Debbie P.

Darlene Demell said...

You are welcome Debbie. So glad it finally arrived.