Saturday, December 16, 2017

HGG-Did You Forget to Take Your Meds?

Are you like me sometimes? I will take my medications that I need and then I get busy doing something and after a while I think to myself "gee, did I take those pills or did I forget again?" Well here is a solution for all of us who are forgetful at times. This is the Timer Cap. What an awesome idea this is. You can't forget to take your meds with these Timer Caps. These are great for the elderly people who tend to forget as well.

TimerCaps are a patented simple and effective way to manage medication in the bottle they are dispensed in. This keeps safety information handy in case of emergencies. TimerCap’s built-in stopwatch and patented activation makes it tamper-resistant. So you will know when to take your next dose or if someone has been into your medication to the exact minute that it happened. This simple solution has been proven to help people take their medication as prescribed by up to 33%. It’s one simple change, that changes everything.

The Timer Caps:

**Built-in LCD Timer
**Works like a stopwatch
**Foolproof and simple
**No alarms to program

**No buttons to press
**No instructions to read
**Fits most prescription bottles
**Never forget your medication again!

If you want an alarm to notify you its time to take your meds, you can download the TimeCap application.
Each cap has an LCD battery inside. They will last up to one year. When LCD gets dimmer, its time to replace the battery. This is how you change the battery.

The sponsor has offered a set of these Timer Caps to one lucky person. Good luck to everyone. open to US & Canada. Ends Dec. 30/17

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