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HGG--Don’t humidify, Rumidify with this Rumidifier

Don’t humidify, Rumidify!

They say necessity is the mother of all inventions and our story wasn’t any different. When our founder's children were young, they fell ill over the winter with chest congestion, colds and flu. The doctor recommended that they purchase a room humidifier for the home to help the situation so that they could breathe comfortably again. When he was looking for humidifiers, all he could find were ones that plugged into electricity. They used up energy and added to the hydro bill, they were noisy, had high maintenance and he felt they were unsafe as there was a chance that they could catch fire.

He then invented the Rumidifier to use in his home, saw how efficient it was in curing his kids and ended up marketing it for sale. The Rumidifier is cordless and compact, and simple to use - it sits on your floor vent and uses the heat coming from your furnace to add humidity to the room. Once you have placed the unit over the vent and added water, the Rumidifier will start working when your furnace is on. The water reservoir needs to be filled every few days, and the unit should be cleaned every few months. Rumidifiers are easy to clean, the units come apart and the base can be placed on the top rack of your dishwasher or scrubbed by hand if you prefer - no worry about mold in hard to clean areas. There are no extra hydro fees and no chance of it catching fire.

The Rumidifier is a truly eco-friendly humidifier that fits over any existing heating vent to provide ongoing humidification whenever the heat goes on. This means it takes zero electricity because you don’t need to plug it in! It uses the warm air flow from your central furnace, so there is no extra energy consumption at all. There’s no extra noise and you never have to turn it on and off. And the biggest bonus for me – nothing that needs to be constantly cleaned!The Rumidifier uses an eco-friendly filter made from organic wood pulp, which should be changed at the end of every season.

Rumidifiers are eco-friendly - they won’t break down and end up in the landfill, they don’t require electricity to run (which makes them incredibly safe to use), the unit cost is $39.95 so they are very affordable. Regular humidifiers cost approximately $25.00 a year in electricity charges, making the savings of using a Rumidifer basically pay for the unit itself.

If every household in Canada had deployed just 1 Rumidifier, hydro companies would save 335 million kwh of electricity, and customers will conserve $2 billion in hydro costs each year. That is a giant leap for a small gadget like Rumidifier.

Thanks to over 50,000 happy customers, Rumidifier has grown into a premier home comfort brand in North America and has become a familiar household name, all in just four years. Many are repeat customers who are buying extra units for their homes and for their friends and families. There are also other Rumidifiers available for the wall, the car, personal Rumidifier for the office, and central and baseboard Rumidifiers are in the making.

Rumidifiers now can be purchased all across Canada and the United States at Home Depot, Home Hardware, Lowes, Terra 20 and Canadian Tire.

Having a Rumidifier in your house can help alleviate symptoms of allergies, asthma, and arthritis, as well as reducing dry eyes, sore throats and stuffy noses. They help with tropical plants, hardwood floors and also pets.

When we received the Rumidifier we set it up right away. It is very dry here in our house and in the winter with the furnace runnng it seems to be worse. I know myself, my throat gets very dry but since we put the Rumidifier over the vent I find my breathing is much better and my throat is not so dry. Hubby had a hard time sleeping before we got this and now he says he sleeps much better.

Rumidifiers are safe, affordable and eco-friendly. Humidify without electricity and start saving today. Be sure to follow the Rumidifier on Facebook to stay up to date.

Benefits of Humidity

Positive Health Benefits
Good for Wood Interiors
Energy Savings
Reduces Static Electricity
Minimize Dust & Bacteria
Good for Pets and Indoor Plants

The Challenges with Conventional Room Humidifiers

Quite simply, conventional room humidifiers are noisy, expensive and use a lot of energy. All the room humidifiers available on the market today run on electricity which adds approximately $25 - $30 to consumers’ annual energy bills. These humidifiers typically cost from $50 - $250 per unit. In addition, the noisy hum from the electric motor and fan is annoying and the electric motors are prone to breaking down. Large and bulky, conventional humidifiers take up valuable floor space and are constrained to being placed near a power outlet.

Key benefits of this award-winning innovation
*Zero operating cost
*Silent operation
*Low maintenance
*Cordless and compact
*Award winning invention
*Extremely energy efficient
*Easy to use, fill and clean
*Safe and simple to operate
*Easy to install on the floor vents
*Controls humidity automatically
*Up to 2 litre output daily
*Runs up to 48 hours per filling
*Built in medicine vaporiser
*Empty water tank Indicator
*Evaporative technology
*Lightweight and durable
*Designed to fit any decor
*Multi color option

You can watch a video about the Rumidifier here

They also carry the Personal Rumidifier such as this one:

One lucky person from the US or Canada is going to win their own Rumidifier like the one I received. Get your entries in and good luck everyone.

Disclaimer: I received this product for sharing this post.


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