Monday, September 11, 2017

Having Fun with Blast Box

Today we have a game for kids that they are going to really enjoy. Its called Blast Box from Zing. This is a game of bursting balloons. Its a game that combines both strategy and suspense for an unpredictable burst of fun!!

This game has all you need to play the game. Take a look at what all is included with this game.

This game even comes with a bag of pretty colored balloons for you.

This game can be played with 2-4 players and its for ages 4+. I know your kids are going to really have fun with this game. It has an inflator for the balloons and then you place one balloon under the box for each person playing. You then spin the little wheel that is included and follow the instructions on it where the arrow lands. Then pass the hammer and the spinner to the next player. Get ready for lots of laughter and squeals from your kids when they begin playing this game.

You get:
Blast Box
100 colorful balloons
balloon inflator
20 easy tie clips for the balloons
and 30 pins to hammer into the box.

So sit back and watch the kids have a barrel of fun.
One person will win this same game so get the entries in today.

Open to US and Canada. Good luck everyone.


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