Sunday, August 13, 2017

Stomp Rocket Utra Makes a Great Gift

Recently I received a great game for kids aged 8 and up from Its called Stomp Rocket Ultra and it is air powered, it doesn't need batteries which is always a great welcome and it needs no fuel. Its ready to fly in seconds and adult supervision is recommended.
I will be putting this away for my grandson who will be 11 this month. His dad can help him set it up and watch him with it.

The kit contains:
Launch Pad
Air Hose
4 Foam Tipped Rockets

So how does it assemble you ask? Well you place the "slotted" leg over "studded" leg leaving a space between the two for the third vertical leg to fit between. See #1 i this picture.

Your next step is to slide the vertical leg betwee the first two legs, pushing down for a tight fit. Take a look at #2 in the above picture.

Then you secure the launch tube to the vertical leg with included carriage bolt and wing nut. Your Stomp Rocket is ready for lift off!
You might want to get Dad to help set this up for the kids.

Its important that the kids know 1) NOT to aim at their eyes or face or anyone else's. 2) Don't aim this at animals either. 3) Never get in the path of the falling rocket or even try to catch it. 4) Clear a level launch site and the target area before stomping. 5) Keep your friends and anyone watching behind the launch pad. 6) Never climb up onto anything to retrieve the rocket. 7) Do no modify rocket from its original design and 8) always be sure to discard any broken rockets.

Teachers are using the Stomp Rocket around the world to teach scientific concepts such as: Trajectory, Projection, Force and Motion!

This company has many toys and great gift ideas for kids of all ages. Check them out here

Here is your chance to win one of these Stomp Rockets. Sorry US its open to Canada Only.

Good luck everyone.


Lynda Cook said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! the link is not the right one for under "Tell Me" thought I would let you know!

Darlene Demell said...

Thanks I am going by what they gave me but will check it out now.

Darlene Demell said...

Lynda can you try it again and let me know if it works now please?

kathy downey said...

Thanks for another nice giveaway another item i would like is the Magic Canvas!

Carole Dube said...

I would also love the Scribble Down! Thank you!