Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How About a Fresco FPC607S Pressure Cooker?

Well here we are with a great giveaway for you all. Sorry its Canada only BUT it is listed on amazon.com for those in the US.

We wanted to try a new recipe in this Pressure Cooker but unfortunately we have been busy with funerals and have one tomorrow again. So things got behind and I didn't want to keep you all in suspense any longer. So here we go. You can make healthier meals in a snap with the Fresco FPC607S Pressure Cooker.
Reap the rewards of delicious cooking with your Fresco pressure cooker. Years of dramatic improvements in the manufacturing of pressure cookers have helped to create a modern tool from which every home can benefit. For busy cooks who want to serve homemade, nutritious and delicious meals, there is no better tool than a Fresco pressure cooker.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can reap from your new Fresco pressure cooker. Preserve the nutrients in your foods – Because it is a very fast cooking technique, pressure cooking helps retain more nutrients versus slower cooking methods. Instead of boiling them away, the Fresco pressure cooker locks in the flavour and nutrients. Boost the natural flavour of foods – The super-heated steam inside your pressure cooker makes foods cook quickly and intensifies their natural flavours. Instead of having to add salt or sugar to your dishes, the natural flavours of the ingredients shine through. Save time – Fresco pressure cookers can cook foods in about one-third of the time it takes to conventionally prepare them. Imagine cutting the time it takes to prepare a scrumptious dinner by one-third or more!

Save money – With a pressure cooker, less expensive cuts of meat can be cooked with tender results. Even the bones from meat and chicken can be cooked in the pressure cooker to create savoury homemade stocks. Use less energy – By cooking faster, the Fresco pressure cooker can help you save money and energy. It’s a smart choice for a greener planet. A cool tool for hot summer days – A pressure cooker can cook delicious foods in a fraction of the time of conventional methods. So on sweltering summer days, that means your Fresco pressure cooker will create less heat in the kitchen and use less energy.

The Pressure Cooker comes with two books, one in French and the other in English.

Features for the Pressure Cooker are:
* 6QT capacity.
* Reduces cooking time. Saves energy.
* Cook low fat, healthy meals in minutes.
* Preserves flavours and nutrients. Helps tenderize lean cuts of meat.
* 4 safety devices – open preventing valve, safety window, pressure regulator and automatic cover lock.
* Heavy-gauge polished stainless steel promotes rapid even heat.
* Stay cool handles.
* Suitable for all cooking surfaces, including induction.

There is an online recipe book with some wonderful recipes for this Pressure Cooker and it can be found here:
This is in PDF form.

One lucky person is going to win one of these Pressure Cookers so get those entries in today and good luck to everyone.

If anyone has a problem getting the entry form to work, click on entry and it should come up. If you click form it will say its insecure. Having a problem with this and trying to figure it out.


Mystic Misha said...

I would love to get the 1.8L STOVE TOP STAINLESS STEEL PERCOLATOR – FSP18.

Julie said...

I would love the Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle

Doris Calvert said...


Doris Calvert said...

The entry form does not load on your page but there is a link you can click on to get to the form!

Darlene Demell said...

Doris, the entry form is there for me without having to click anything. Hopefully everyone else sees it. thanks for letting me know.

Flo said...

I would love to have the Rio 28cm Wok with the Cream Coating.
Florence Cochrane

Darlene Schuller said...

I would love the professional non stick roaster with wired rack

Glogirl said...

I would like to have the 28CM STAINLESS STEEL FRY PAN.

Andrea Amy said...


shelley butcher said...

I would love the roasting pan!

Heidi Carlson-Reid said...

I would love to have the Rio 28 cm wok.

Jamie Williams said...

Yes!Id love to see.more go seaways like this one.

Tina F said...


Darlene Demell said...

Lots of great ideas for future giveaways. The Mark McEwan by Greenpan 10 pc cookware set will be one for sure soon. Good luck everyone.

Crystal P said...

I could use some new pans

Ashwin Kumar said...

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