Thursday, December 15, 2016

Noro Kureyon yarn review

Recently I was asked if I would like to do a review for some new yarn from I agreed since I am a knitter and crocheter. The yarn arrived and I love it. I made my grandaughter a messy bun hat and the yarn worked up so nice. The first color is a mixture of greens like this
The other two colors I received are these:
They are such pretty colors. They really knit up nice and the yarn feels so soft once its knitted. Noro Kureyon is one of their higher end, "indie" yarns known for its artistic colours and hand production process. It's a hand-dyed, 100% wool that comes in variegated colours that self-stripe as you knit. A wide range of accessories and garments can be knit with this yarn.
You can see all the colors this company offers here:
Noro Yarn is named after its designer and founder, Eisaku Noro, the company is known for its artistic approach to creating yarn and colour compositions. Noro prides itself in doing as much production as possible by hand in order to preserve the natural characteristic of the fibre. Founded over 30 years ago in Japan, Noro's most popular line is Silk Garden yarn. Noro yarns are now known globally and they continue to impress knitters with their selection of raw materials, production, and constant care.
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So for any of you out there who like to knit or crochet, just check out this site and see what they offer. I know you will find something you like there.
Thanks so much to yarncanada for allowing me to review this yarn.

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