Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Elf Costume- Review

Recently I received an elf costume for our grandaughter. Tonight she came over to try it on and take it home. She loves it.This company has all types of costumes, not only for Halloween but for other holidays as well. Ava wanted an elf costume so she could wear it at Christmas. She picked out her own costume. Elf Costume

The shoes come up to a point with a little bell on the toe and the hat has little bells around it to as well as the little capelet around her neck. She was quite happy.

This company has all of the following:
**Adult Costumes
**Kids Costumes
**Accessories & Makeup
**Props & Decorations
**Pets & Mascots

They have plus size costumes, baby and toddler costumes, pretty well anything you are looking for. Last time I received a costume my grandson wanted to be the Hulk. So you can get Disney costumes as well as movie star and superheroes, animal costumes and anything else that suits your fancy. They even have adult Santa suits. Check the site out and see for yourself. Facebook.
One word of advice though, if you decide to order a costume for anyone, go one size bigger than what they normally wear as I find they are a bit on the smaller size. The Hulk costume was a little tight for Aiden and the pants for the elf costume is a bit tight but everything else fits for now anyhow. I don't think it will fit Ava by Halloween though.

Some other costumes they have

So get ahead of the game and pick out your child's costume or one for yourself for this coming year. They are very quick at sending them out so you will have it in time for whatever occasion you need it for.


Lynda Cook said...

Love the elf costume!! this looks like a great site to find the perfect costume, I'm going to have to pass this onto my daughter who is always looking for that one costume!!

Darlene said...

Lynda that site has tons and tons of costumes for everything and everyone. My grandaughter chose the costume herself and loves it.