Wednesday, November 11, 2015

HGG-C4 Belt-US/CAN-Ends Nov.26

You may remember not too long ago I had a giveaway for the C4 Belts. Well they are back and with new colors. Everyone loved these belts and my hubby grabbed one right away. When these new belts arrived he was in heaven thinking they were for him. I had to tell him they are going to our sons for Christmas. He has a good one that will last his lifetime anyhow so was happy with that.
These are the two I received I think I stood too close for this next photo but you can still see it.

These belts come in a nice square container with care instructions and how to size your belt along with a decal you can put on your belt if you choose to. Remember, these are lifetime guaranteed and will last you your life.

C4 began on the bustling streets of Shanghai, where a small group of American friends were having the time of their lives: making new friends, exploring the streets during the day, partying at night, and thriving off of the experience of new cultures. During this time, they each developed their own individual looks and made a major realization: the only thing cramping their style was a se-vere lack of belt choices.

Other fashion accessories have changed with the times, but belts have remained the same: a boring black or brown leather belt. So the friends set off across the country in a search for ideas and partners. After months of research and brainstorming, they finally made their breakthrough! C4 Belts—a belt so cool, so stylish, so practical—it solved all the problems of “old-fashion” belts.

But revolutionizing the accessory world simply wasn’t enough. They wanted to take their idea a step further... so they created the C4 brand, a brand that represented what they most valued in life: freedom of choice, expression and giving back. And thus the name C4 came to stand for “Choose your Color. Choose your Cause.” In addition to choosing from thousands of color combination options, YOU have the power to choose how C4 gives back. With each belt online sale, C4 donates a portion of its pro-ceeds to a non-profit organization of your choice!

With these values in mind, C4 has grown from just an idea to a reality. Come #c4yourself, and together we’ll change the world -- one belt at a time.

C4’s unique clamp-on/clamp-off buckle feature gives you the ability to mix and match any color combination you want! With the hundreds of possible combinations available, you’ll have the perfect belt for every season, every outfit, every mood.

Forget discoloration and smells of mildew, C4 Belts are impenetrable by water. So strap on a belt, and go hit the lake or the mountain! The rest of you may get wet, but rest assured your belt will stay dry.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) plastic is the same plastic used for snowmobile treads. In other words, C4 Belts are durable, designed for an active lifestyle, and made to withstand even the most extreme elements. Try snowboarding in that “stylish” cowhide leather belt.

Unlike that cowhide leather belt you got as a present every Christmas, no animals are ever harmed in the making of C4 Belts. No skinning. No bleaching. No taunting animals for bad hide days. And defintely no chemicals.

C4 Belts gives you a voice to help make the world a better place. With each online purchase, a portion is donated to a charity of your choice from the list of C4 Belts’ non-profit partners. Look Good. Do Good. C4 Belts!

C4 Belts are ONE SIZE fits most (up to a 42” waist). Just trim the belt from the end where the buckle attaches to get the perfect fit. Now you’ve got one less thing to worry about!

TPE plastic’s low melting temperature and simplified injection molding technique lead to minimal energy use during production. And best of all, C4 Belts are 100% REC4CLABLE and can be processed like all your other recycled plastics.

You can see all the belts here They have all kinds of colors and offer skinny and classic style belts. Choose the buckle to go with the belt.

One lucky person will win a belt of their choice. Get the entries in and good luck to everyone.