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Vibrational Earth Children Deck - Review

Vibrational Earth Children Deck - Review

This is a deck of cards from Debbie A. Anderson.

My mantra at the beginning, and this still holds today, is that there is a world of gifted and intuitive children out there who are reaching out to discover and find a safe and playful way to work with oracle cards. And just so you know, there are already some amazing decks emerging. Spirit wanted this deck to be created to help children embrace and overcome some of the day-to-day obstacles that sometimes appear before them in a positive and educational way. The positive affirmations at the end of each card are being cherished by the children and parents because they feel this is a direct connection that resonates with them personally.

The artist for this deck, Kim Dreyer. I knew the deck had to be all inclusive, as far as humanly possible, and non-denominational. Kim agreed and as the dialogue expanded, she felt it would be a wonderful idea to use the photographs of real children rather than spec images and I agreed with her. So as always I threw my thoughts up to the Universe asking that ultimate question, “how can you make that possible?”
Usually with me a night’s sleep brings forth answers, based on my requests or thoughts. Easy spirit responded, reach out to your retailers and on social media - get parents, grandparents to submit photos of their children. Initially, like any new concept, I got a bit of resistance with people’s valid concerns about protecting the children, a trepidation which I myself resonated with personally. But after reassurance of protecting the child’s safety and keeping everything private, in rolled hundreds of photos of children with pure excitement and trust seeing that this project was already creating interest from around the world.

Nothing great happens overnight. There is a process and lots of people who take part in it. One of the most important elements is the “pulling it all together” person. And that for me, was the blessings of working with Heather Brewster, who created the box, back of the card image and got everything print ready.

These cards come in a lovely box and also an 80 page guide book to help parents with tasks for the children aged 8 years and up. You can use the cards as an educational tool an adult & child can work together in an understanding way by shuffling the cards and drawing one card at random. Older children will enjoy working with a straightforward three card layout giving them a sense of purpose in reaching their own conclusions.

The colour chosen for the card reverse side and box was purple. This was based on a message I got from spirit, explaining that in light format, purple had the shortest wave yet the highest vibrational frequency because it inspires & motivates the soul into spiritual engagement in a balancing and transformative way.

What has been transpiring since November 2014, is that adults who have worked with the deck alongside their children, have now been motivated to using for themselves to speak to their own inner child.

News – Vibrational Earth Children oracle deck will be available as a mobile app!
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