Friday, May 8, 2015

Lampe Berger Review...

Are you still looking for a special Mothers Day gift? Well take a look.
I think I have one of the nicest smelling homes in the country. I received another lamp from LampeBerger last week and I love it.

The bottle of scent I received this time is Sensual Bouquet, and it smells awesome. All of the scents are wonderful.

When the package arrives you will get the bottle of scent, the funnel and the lamp. It is so easy to use. Take a look at this:
I can't get the picture any bigger but when you first use this lamp you take out the wick,
pour the scent in, the whole bottle, put the wick back in and wait for 20 minutes for the wick to get soaked with the scent. After that, take a bbq lighter or a lighter and light the top of the lamp. The flame will come up and you wait for 2 minutes before you blow the flame out. Return the caged cover to the lamp and enjoy the scent that will go through your home. Just like in this video.

You will have a wonderful smelling home that everyone will be envy of. You can buy one of these lamps by going to and finding a store near you. Take a look and you might just find a nice lamp for yourself or even one for Mom for Mother's Day.

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