Sunday, April 26, 2015

Raincoast Mothers Day Giveaway-Canada Only-May 2/15 CLOSED

Mothers Day is fast approaching and to get these books out to the winner in time we are moving the end date up to May 2/15.
So one lucky winner will win this fabulous package of books and perfumed note cards from Raincoast. Take a look.

Drops of Awesome
The You're-More-Awesome-Than-You-Think Journal
If you aren't rooting for yourself, who will? Drops of Awesome is that unique discovery journal about celebrating the amazingness of you. Based on the viral blog Drops of Awesome, this book helps you become your own biggest cheerleader and tells your inner critic to stick a sock in it.
What did you accomplish today? More than you currently realize or give yourself credit for. As you work through Drops of Awesome, you will start to see just how much goodness you contribute to the world and as you feel that success, you will find that you can accomplish anything. You are awesome!
Kathryn Thompson is a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom who lives outside Seattle with her computer-genius husband and three frequently delightful kids. Her blog has been featured everywhere from The Today Show to the Seattle Times and she was a founding blogger at The Parenting Post, an award-winning blog run by Parenting Magazine.

Icebox Cakes
RJean Sagendorph and Jessie Sheehan
photographs by Tara Donne recipes for the Coolest Cakes in Town
Icebox cakes feature crisp wafers and billowy whipped cream layered together and chilled overnight, where they transform into a heavenly cakelike texture. In this tempting cookbook, eager cooks can start with the Old School, a classic pairing of chocolate wafers and lush whipped cream, before moving on to fantastic combinations such as Luscious Lemon with its lemon curd filling and ladyfingers or the Black Forest's cherries and mounds of chocolate-kirsch whipped cream. Ideal when made aday or two in advance, these minimum-fuss cakes promise maximum friends-and-family cheer.
Jean Sagendorph is a literary agent, author, and icebox cake expert. She lives in New York.
Jessie Sheehan is a former assistant pastry chef at Baked, the Redhook, New York, bakery. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

O's Little Book of Happiness
The Oprah Magazine O

edited by The Oprah Magazine O
With a sprightly dose of insightful inspiration, a sprinkling of practical advice, and a bounty of exuberant stories by great writers, O's Little Book of Happiness features some of the best work ever to have appeared in O, The Oprah Magazine. Inside you'll find Elizabeth Gilbert's ode to the triumph of asking for what you want, Jane Smiley's tribute to the animal who taught her about lasting fulfillment, Roxane Gay's sure-fire cure for complaining, Brené Brown's celebration of the powers of play, Neil deGrasse Tyson's take on the joyful participation in the universe, and much more. Revisiting fifteen years of the magazine's rich archives, O 's editors have assembled a collection as stunning as it is spirit-lifting.

The Quotable Mom
Appreciation from the Greatest Minds in History

It is said that God could not be everywhere so he created mothers. With more than 200 unique quotations, The Quotable Mom shares thoughts, ideas, humor, and advice from the best minds of the ages for the most challenging situations that come with being a mom.
The phrase 'working mother' is redundant." -Jane Sellman"
Welcome to a place where mothers are celebrated, not compared. Where heart is at the center of our families, and family at the center of our homes. Where boo boos are still kissed, cake beaters are still licked, and mistakes are still okay. Welcome to a place where books-and family-are beautiful. Familius: a book publisher dedicated to helping families be happy.

Motherhood Realized
An Inspiring Anthology for the Hardest Job You'll Ever Love

Power of Moms
We believe that family life is beautiful and that motherhood is a privilege. But we also believe it is often really hard to see all that beauty when we're in the midst of mothering. So often, we feel like we're spread too thin. We feel like we don't match up. Our hearts want to do more than our hands can manage. And every day, as we cycle through household duties, discipline, errands, conversations, teaching, and hundreds of unexpecteds, we're often left tired, worried, and in need of some extra inspiration and encouragement. Power of Moms is an online community of deliberate mothers. Since 2007, millions of mothers from all backgrounds who are striving to be the best they can be have gathered to our website to learn and grow together. Time and again, our posts receive comments that say something like, I am going to print this out and put it on my nightstand so I can read it again and again." We've been concerned about those nightstands . . . getting allcluttered up with paper. So we've selected dozens of our most popular posts and compiled them neatly into this book just for you.
This book isn't just a book. It's a tangible representation of a living, breathing community of mothers. Motherhood is the hardest job we'll ever love, and it's so much better when we're doing it together.

Perfume Notes
16 Notecards & Envelopes

Chronicle Books
Shaped like real perfume bottles, these die-cut notecards evoke the glamour and femininity of the world's most beloved fragrances. Four distinct designs (repeating for a total of 16 cards) offer four uniquely elegant ways to keep in touch. The cards, envelopes, and lidded box feature decadent embellishments-such as gold accents, luscious pastel hues, and a glossy finish-that will delight beauty enthusiasts, stationery collectors, and lovers of the finer things.

Isn't this a fantastic giveaway? You MUST get those entries in because its only one week for this one to end. If you want your chance, here you go.


Heidi Carlson-Reid said...

Nothing on the agenda as of yet.

kathy downey said...

We are doing dinner and a movie

JaimeeM said...

I was thinking of going to the casino with my mom for Mother's Day brunch

Darwin Chau said...

WE are having a mother's day brunch with my mom and grandmother and mother in law. I have a whole picnic planned with the kids for my wife on actual mother's day.

Tricia Hope said...

This will be my first Mothers' Day without my Mom,who died on Christmas Day.I will have brunch with my kids and visit the cematary

Darlene Demell said...

Lots of nice ideas up to now. Tricia I really like what you have planned. I lost my mom in 2001 and go to visit all the time but never thought of having brunch "with her". That is really nice.

guest r said...

We are going out to eat and shopping.

Sara Rai

Silvia said...

nothing special planned, the family will spoil me!

Bee W Bedard said...

we dont have anything planned yet

Nic said...

Mother's Day brunch is planned.

Flo said...

Mother's Day dinner.
Florence C