Friday, August 1, 2014

Sharing a Fantastic Offer with you all!

I am not sure how many of you know that I have a home business. I have been with Watkins for 14 years now and love it. There are so many exciting things happening with the business now and I thought I would share with you all. I know this isn't giveaway related but its still something that is a great deal.

I attended the conference meeting we had last night and today I am so excited. We found out a lot of great information and a lot of good things are happening in the Watkins business.
We now have a free website that is available to all consultants to send people to so they can find out what we are all about. This site is filled with tons of information on the business and all the business tools we need are also there for consultants.

Now on to the fantastic news for August
. you can join JR Watkins as a consultant for as little as $19.95 This is knocked down from the regular low price for membership of 39.95.

Now, JR Watkins is offering $10 off their regular membership LOW price for anyone joining in August at a cost of $29.95. This price is for those who would rather have the physical package delivered to them via postal mail.

Watkins is offering an additional $10 off membership price if you elect to receive your membership package electronically, for just $19.95. This means you will have your membership package delivered via internet and not have to worry about waiting for it in the mail.

If you are already a Watkins consultant, in August only, you can renew your membership for as many years as you want for $19.95! It is regularly $32.00 What a savings this is!

If you are looking to build a great business and a downline, or you just want to buy products for yourself and get the 25%-39% discount you can do that too. Its up to you. Its a no pressure busines.

Watkins doesn't get any better than this. Our company is over 146 years in business and still going strong. With new products being introduced all the time, its the best home business to get into.
Check out my site and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. Join in August for the great low price of only $19.95 This price is offered for the month of August only.