Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ripley's Believe it or Not~Reality Shock~Review

Recently I was sent another book on Ripley's Believe it or Not Reality Shock and it has some very amazing photos in it. Its difficult to believe some of the things that are in this book as well as the last issue of Ripley's Believe it or Not but its all true stuff. Take for instance this one,
This lady is reported as having the tiniest waist of all time at only 13 inches around. Ethel Granger (1905-1982) wore a corset for decades but she did not come to public attention until the 1950's, and achieved her tiniest wait in the 1960's, by which time her waist had shrunk by 10 inches. She would sleep in her corset and gradually tighten the laces over the course of each day, until her waist was so small that she had to make her own clothes. She lived in Peterborough, England. Can you just imagine how uncomfortable this must have been?

Now on to this one,
This Chinese man was in a road accident and his nose suffered severe nasal trauma and became infected and damaged beyond repair. Surgeons decided to grow him a new one by implanting a tissue expander under the skin on his forehead. This was cut into the shape of a nose before cartilage from the patient's ribs was used to build the bridge of the nose. Lastly, sugeons constructed the nostrils. The nose grew on the man's forehead for more than nine months before being transplanted in place of the damaged nose. Now I am not so sure I would want a nose implanted on my forehead even for a month let alone over nine months. But at least this man now has a nose again in the proper place. So okay, how about this one then? This is not someone's eyes, its a pair of lips. They have attached false eyelashes to her upper lip and using tiny brushes to paint on a lifelike pupil, they created a third eye on her mouth. This lady has also decorated her lips with images of roses, apples and even the Northern Lights. In the lower picture you can see where her lips are parted and her teeth are showing. Not sure I would want to walk around like this either.
Now on to the "Queen of Nails"
and her toe nails
Now tell me, how can anyone even move around with nails like this or get dressed or do any housework or drive a car? So many things you wouldn't be able to do with these nails. How does a person get a pair of shoes to fit unless they are all open toed? What does this person wear in the winter months with these nails? Not for me thank you.

This is only a part of what is in this book and the gross things like food, animals and other things I have left out. Who wants to see a cake shaped and looking like a brain? I for one wouldn't even be able to eat it but its all in this fantastic book. You can go to the Ripley's website to see and read more. This particular book will be available in September. Hope you enjoyed this little peek into Reality Shock.
You can go to Amazon and pre-order the book so you are sure to get it when it comes out.

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