Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scentsy Warmer & Bar Giveaway for July~CANADA ONLY~Ends Aug. 7/14 CLOSED

Can you believe we are almost at the end of July already? Where have the months gone up to now? Anyhow, if you are like me and have started your Christmas (Yes I know but it won't be long getting here) shopping already you could be the winner of this lovely warmer and bar set. I received the O Canada Scentsy warmer and the Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scentsy Bar. Let me tell you, one sniff of this bar and your mouth will be watering. Hubby says it smells like caramel to him and to me it smells like butterscotch. At any rate it smells wonderful.
This warmer has the white maple leaf on the top and you set your scent bar on that.

Plug your warmer in after you insert this bulb and then enjoy the smell that will drift through your home. Your visitors will be so jealous and will love sitting there just enjoying the scent.

Your Warmer and bar will come very well packaged and ready to use. You can use it for yourself or put it away as a Christmas gift for someone on your list.

I should mention also that I am NOT a Scentsy rep. I am just holding these giveaways for you all each month and if you are interested in buying more, the information is here for you. Take a look at all Scentsy
has to offer you.
Maybe you would like to host a Scentsy Party? If so, go here http://www.believewickless.com/host to find out more. If you think you might like to join Scentsy and give it a try, go here http://www.believewickless.com/join They also have different types of fundraisers and you can check that out here http://www.believewickless.com/fundraiser

So I want to say thank you once again to Anna for sponsoring this giveaway for you all and good luck to everyone.


kathy d said...

I really like the Blue Diamond Shade

Lynda Cook said...

I love the Beach Warmer for August, it's so cute!

Shawna said...

I really love the Silhouette Collection Wraps , they look beautiful, seems that you can change them around if u wanted to move your scentsy from room to room :)
Very awesome :)

Kari said...

Another wonderful giveaway!

Andrea said...

I really like the Daisy Plug-in Warmer, but I have many products that I would love to have!

Vesper said...


Maureen said...

I love the lighthouse warmer and the cupcake warmer


Sharklady71 said...

I like the Daisy Plug-in Warmer.

Gillian said...

I love the daisy plug in warmer

flowerchild said...

I love the Cream Tulip Shade

Lee-Ann said...

the lighthouse warmer is fabulous!