Monday, February 10, 2014

Picture Keeper Device Giveaway~US/CAN~Ends Feb. 24/14 CLOSED

Recently I was contacted by someone asking if I would be interested in reviewing the Picture Keeper device.
With all the photos I have stored on my computer I of course said yes. When it arrived I was amazed at how quick it worked.
There is embedded software on the Picture Keeper drive that does all of the work for you. No software to install, no wires to connect, and no passwords to remember and no monthly fees. That I really like because I have enough passwords to remember now and enough wires connected here and there.

You can keep your pictures safe with this easy-to-use backup device. Just plug it in and it finds your pictures for you! It’s perfect for sharing and preserving your favourite memories.

When I took it out of the package I plugged it in right away to see how it would work.

It did the searching and found 338 pictures to copy and it took less than two minutes to copy them all. I just cleaned out some of my pictures the other day so didn't have many left. Now I can save these and not worry about having them lost if something happens unexpectedly to the computer which I hope doesn't happen.

More things I really like about the Picture Keeper device is you can use it on multiple computers; its both PC and Mac compatible. Once one Picture Keeper fills, just use another and the second will continue where the first left off. Amazing! It can backup videos too! How great is that?
It works well with all photo organizing softwares like Kodak Easy Share, Picasa, etc. and you can easily use it with your digital photo frame, favorite print kiosk or keep in a fire proof safe.

Another great thing about the Picture Keeper is that if you fill up one Picture Keeper, you can insert another one and it will pick up where the last one left off! You can also keep using the same Picture Keeper and it will remember what has already been backed up and will only back up anything that has been added since the last backup.
Picture Keeper has 4 different models to choose from:

PK4 (model received)

PK 4

Holds up to 4,000* photos


Keeps up to ~4000* pictures safe!

*ESTIMATE - based on an average size of 1 MB per picture

PK 8

Holds up to 8,000* photos


Keeps ~8000* pictures safe!

*ESTIMATE - based on an average size of 1 MB per picture

PK 16

Holds up to 16,000* photos


Keeps ~16,000* pictures safe!

*ESTIMATE - based on an average size of 1 MB per picture

PK Pro

Holds up to 250,000* photos based on a 1MB photo size. ( drive color may vary)


With Picture Keeper Pro, it's a snap to save up to 250,000* pictures! And because there's no software to install, it's that much easier.

How much is peace of mind worth to you? With Picture Keeper you can store thousands of pictures – safely and securely. The Picture Keeper automatically finds and saves your pictures. Just plug it in, click start and Picture Keeper does the work for you. Use it in a digital picture frame, LCD TV, photo kiosks or just store it away.

Visit and signup for the FREE monthly Photo Backup Reminder (no purchase necessary).

They also have an affiliate program through ShareASale if you are interested in signing up for it. Please find it at

One lucky person will win a Picture Keeper device for their own by entering today. This is open to US and Canada.


"Picture Keeper has agreed to giveaway the PK4 device. I was not paid in cash for this posting. I was sent a product for review and all opinions are my own."


Unknown said...

i need to get one of these

neenasatine said...

congrats to the winner

Unknown said...

I really need one of these, my pictures have been lost a few times!

Unknown said...

I think I could really use one of these. My wife wouldn't be very happy if I lost any of our precious family photos.

Unknown said...

My son just had a new baby so this would be great for him and his wife

wen budro said...

My niece and nephew because they're young and obsessed with taking pictures.

ShellyH said...

That would be me. I am a HUGE scrapbooker and I currently have 2,000+ photos stored on my hard drive. I really need to move them off and back them up.

Shannon said...

Wow, what a great giveaway. I am going to send this to my MIL, she has so many pics!

Angela M said...

I would get the most use out of it. I love the idea and it seems really easy to use.

Tasha said...

I would get the most use of of this product. I take way too many photos! LOL!