Thursday, February 13, 2014

Beginning the Search for a New Home

For the last few months hubby and I have been working around the house to get it in shape to sell in the spring. We have been painting and we are getting ready to put new flooring down in all the rooms. We only have 6 rooms, our home is small but the next one will be bigger.

Since we have been married, and that will be 37 years in May, we have bought and owned 3 homes. Our first home we lived in for 22 years then sold it to our son. We then bought and moved into a 14 room house and when our youngest son left home we decided to sell and buy something smaller. Well smaller we went for sure. From 14 rooms down to 6. Now we are on the look-out for a bigger home again. Not another 14 room home but a little bigger than this one.

The hassles of searching for homes for sale and buying are never ending. You have to go and look at houses, you never seem to find one in your price range or with the layout you would like or the yard size etc. I know here where I live the housing market is way up and houses are very expensive.

We have talked about moving out of town and re-locating somewhere else but haven't decided for sure on that yet. I am wondering what the real estate is like in Montreal? My sons have been there and say its a nice enough place and I do have relatives there as hubby does as well. I wonder what the housing market is like there? We are retired now and do not want to buy a huge home, or a real expensive one either. We have even thought of renting a home. I wonder too what its like in Montreal for renting.

I suppose renting or buying a home doesn't make much difference where you live as long as you find a home that you like and can afford. We still have a few months left to find one we want to buy so I have my fingers crossed that the right one is out there for us and we will be happy in a bigger home.
In the meantime we have to get moving to get the flooring finished and then we should be set to go. I have already started packing some things and storing them away. Sound like I am getting anxious? You bet I am.


Tammy said...

Darlene, I hope you find something soon. Try not to stress so much! Hope you have a nice Valentine's day with your hubby! :D

Darlene said...

Thank you Tammy. Happy Valentine's Day.

Laura B said...

WOW, 14 Rooms!!! I clean house and I have some BIG homes I clean but none of them are 14 rooms!! You poor thing! lol lol. I live in a small place and I want something bigger. But not so big that I cant take care of it lol. Happy Valentines DAy!

Darlene said...

Yes Laura, our last home had 14 rooms in it. Too many really but I do miss my living room with the fireplace. Oh well, our next home will be a wee bit bigger than 6 rooms like we have now but not 14. lol
Happy Valentine's Day to you.