Friday, December 6, 2013

Giveaway extended for Weareverus diabetic socks~ Closes Dec. 12/13

The Weareverus diabetic socks giveaway is going to run for one more week due to no entries. Get your entries in today.


Unknown said...

the reason there may be for having no entries is that there is no where to click to bring up a form or a rafflecopter. I even posted the giveaway on FB and clicked on it from there and it took me back to this page with no where to enter. I love these socks and would so like a chance to win them. I have neuropathy bad in both feet and I wear them as much as possible. Thanks for looking into this matter. You can just send them to me if it can't be fixed LOL

Darlene said...

Gretchen, you have to go to
and enter there. This post you commented on is just a notice for the giveaway that it is extended. If you look on the left sidebar you will see the 4th one down is for the wearever socks. You just post your comments there. the entry form is there, its not a Rafflecopter form.