Sunday, May 26, 2013

nuNAAT Hair Products~Review

Recently I received a parcel with 5 products inside from Wow! I couldn't wait to try them. I received all the products you see in this picture below:
 photo rsz_dsc00248_zpsf4ce0aee.jpg
To begin with I received the Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask, the Brazilian Keratin Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor, the Brazilian Keratin Serum Ultra Shine, the Keratin Deep Moisturizing Shampoo and the Brazilian Deep Conditioner. I tell you after trying these products I couldn't be happier.
 photo rsz_dsc00249_zpse1cd72f9.jpg
 photo rsz_dsc00250_zps06766366.jpg  photo rsz_dsc00251_zpscb9f6adb.jpg
 photo rsz_dsc00253_zpsc414e199.jpg  photo rsz_dsc00254_zpsc5092cd6.jpg

I began with my before picture of my hair.
 photo rsz_dsc00255_zpsf9dfe66a.jpg
While in the shower, I used the Shampoo and the Conditioner on my hair. I blow dried my hair but didn't use any other product. I was totally happy with the outcome. I came out of the washroom and the first thing my husband said was:"What did you do to your hair? It looks nice and shiny". Now for him to comment on my hair is really something. He never comments. Later in the day I went over to the store and the lady asked me if I had got a new color put in and I told her no. She said "Its so nice and shiny looking. Looks really nice." Woah! two compliments already. That evening I went for tea at my friends house and as soon as I sat down, she asked me if I had gotten my hair done that day. I told her no and she said "it looks so shiny and healthy. What did you use"? So there was the third compliment on my hair just in one day. I used the products for a total of two weeks and my hair is so soft and easy to manage and the shine is unreal. In fact my hair even feels a little thicker. I am totally satisfied with these products. Even my 6 year old grandson noticed the shine in my hair and told me he loved my shiny hair. So that tells me something too.
As for the other products, I have tried them and love them too. Guess that is why my hair feels thicker as they all work together to restore the thickness and strength of your hair. The after photo of my hair isn't the very best but hubby tries his best to take a good picture.
 photo rsz_dsc00280_zpsad6d78a6.jpg
You can see the total Product Line here.
You have to remember that all nuNAAT products are meant to work for a specific hair type, texture, and styling routine. As such, not all products are right for all hair types. They are also meant to work as a complete system, which is why they sent me a complete collection of products instead of just a few.

Be on the watch for a possible giveaway of these products coming soon. Be sure to go to the site and check out all the products. I know if you tried them you too would be getting lots of wonderful compliments.
Thanks to Stephanie for sending me these products from nuNAAT. I absolutely love them!
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Shelly H. said...

Wow Sweetie D...I can see a difference. It looks much more even toned in color with no brassiness! Kudos girl!

Darlene Demell said...

Thank Shelly, I love these products. They do wonders for the hair. When I get my hair colored again soon it will look even nicer. lol Hubby isn't the best at taking pictures but he tries. lol