Friday, October 28, 2011

New Giveaways Coming This Weekend.

Sorry I am behind, everyone but I fell last week and broke my shoulder and a bone in my upper arm and I am right handed. Of course its the right shoulder and arm I hurt so am having a hard time typing. I will do my best to get some of these giveaways and reviews up by the weekend.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Tasha W said...

Ouch! Please get better soon! xo

InternetMom13 said...

Darlene, I am soooo sorry to hear about your broken shoulder...OUCH!!! I can definitely relate about not being able to use your dominant hand and wish you a speedy and complete recovery. I'm sending an enormous long distance hug and a truck-load of healing angels you way.

Darlene Demell said...

Thanks ladies.

Doreen I will be talking with you soon. Hugs

KatieRox4You said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog The random life :)

I'm following you now too!