Friday, May 13, 2011

A Note Regarding Your Posts

I know almost everyone is aware of the problems with Blogger/Blogspot that kept everyone from being able to post yesterday and part of today.
Now Blogger says they will be restoring the lost posts but so far I see for the Febreze giveaway they have not done this yet. What I am going to do is extend the giveaway for 2 extra days which means it will end on May 27 instead of the 25th.

I have a record of posts made and for my count up to now I have a total of 75 posts. Not the amount mentioned in the comment section. I checked all the posts that have been made and am keeping track. So if my count is correct and Blogger does not replace the lost posts, I have a record of them and who made them. So when it comes time to draw a winner, your post will be counted in, as they were made.

One thing that everyone can do if you posted in the Febreze giveaway, please send me an email saying you entered if your name is NOT marked below. Just so I can re-check my records and be sure I have everyone.
I have so far, these names for those who have entered up to now.

Tina L
Ann-Marie T
Glo Girl

If your name is NOT here and you have entered, please email me and I will check my records and add you.
Remember the Febreze giveaway is open to Canada Only. Sorry to everyone else.

Thanks for your understanding.