Sunday, January 30, 2011

Aroma home "hot hug" aromatherapy animal Giveaway

Hot Huggie

Win this giveaway and you get to choose from a "Hot huggie"
Bunny, Lamb, Monkey, Duck, Pig or Tiger.

the luxurious warmth & feel of their microwavable products revitalize the senses while relaxing the body.
it's cozy & calming experience aides with falling in a natural sleep, melting away stress, and banishing anxiety.
let it kill the tension for those aching, tense muscle sorness & joint pain.
let the eye pillows releive sinus pain & disolve headaches.
the body warmers may also be chilled to reduce inflammation, ease sprains & heal brusies.

* body wraps, body warmers, faux fur body warmers, knitted body wamers, neck warmers, feet warmers, mini hotties, cuddly hotties, hot hugs hotties, hot horses, hot dogs, & the warm & cozy bear

* cooling eye pillows, silk eye masks, screen wipes

* faux fur slippers & scarfs, adult & kid fuzzy friend slippers, slipper socks, furry notebooks

The hotties have a removable bag of all natural grain & oils that can be microwaved then placed right back in the hottie. Hot hugs are soft & durable. They can be placed in the washer and will be good as new.

To enter this giveaway, go to

To see all the products this company has to offer, go to

Giveaway is open to US and Canada and ENDS March 7
Good luck everyone.


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