Friday, July 23, 2010

Loopz-The Memory Game... US & Canada ENDS August 7

Loopz is a memory game that keeps you moving.
Loopz the Memory Game

This game looks like so much fun even an adult would enjoy it. Loopz uses sensors and lights to create a fun platform for a variety of challenging games.
By sliding your hand in and out of the Loopz, you compete to be the best at following the rhythm, creating music (a variety of musical instrument sounds are used), and keeping the beat. You can also challenge people to competitions. That could be interesting.

This is a new product by Mattel and was released this summer. Go to the website and watch the video there on how to play this game. Its very interesting to say the least.
This sure would make someone very happy at holiday time.

To see the video and enter the giveaway go to

This is open to US & Canada and ENDS August 7
Good luck everyone.