Thursday, April 13, 2017

Important!! Notice about justfashionnow

Hello everyone
Since the giveaway has been posted, I have been in contact back and forth with the sponsor and things have been changed. She wants the giveaway to be for one winner and only $50 which I have been writing her about. I said other blogs have it two winners and the $150 coupon and she is stating that is her signature. She said since I did not use their entry form where they gather all emails etc. that is why she is changing the giveaway. I do not give anyone's email address away to any sponsor unless you are a winner and will not begin doing that now. So this is one reason why its changing. I hope you all understand.

Nothing I can do about this but to apologize to you all. I have been trying to get it fixed but she stands fixed. She will not change it. Again I am very sorry.


Shelly H said...

You did the right thing Sweetie D. Here in the US (I know it's different in Canada) bloggers can NOT collect email addresses & turn them over to a company. It's called email harvesting. The company can collect them, but a blogger can't. They have that rule in place b/c if a company starts firing off unwanted spam emails or sells those email addresses to another company for promotion purposes, stiffs on a prize, starts phoning people up to sell them things, etc. The blogger can get into HOT water for providing the email addresses to that said company. I know a LOT of bloggers don't follow the rules, guidelines or laws.

I know a lot of companies get around it by offering up their own entry form. However, if they want to use their own entry form, I feel they can sponsor the giveaway themselves on their own sites. Why? Year's ago we tried this and found a LOT of companies were not following through w/shipping prizes. Even though it was their own entry form, it was hosted on our blog which caused us a ton of grief.

Anyway, I think you did the right thing...although for myself, I would of probably canceled it all together.

Darlene Demell said...

Thanks Shelly. I couldn't or can't cancel it now with so many entries. But the winner can still win the $50 coupon. It sucks big time that they do this but I am not and will not give out email addresses to any sponsor unless its a winner and even then I do NOT give out email addresses unless its for a sponsor that needs it to contact the winner themselves. The only time I have had that was when I had the giveaways for "Your Novel" the personalized book I had a few times now.
I just hope everyone understands.

kathy downey said...

I understand,you did the right thing.Have a super weekend !!

Darlene Demell said...

Thanks Kathy, I appreciate it. You have a great weekend too.

binabug said...

have you dealt with this sponsor before? It really appears fishy and I too believe she is just email harvesting.

Darlene Demell said...

This is the first time dealing with her. A lot of other blogs are working with her as well only using her blog. I won't do that and that was causing the problem. Part of it anyhow.
I don't give out emails to anyone but the sponsor and then only if its needed.

Bee W Bedard said...

Do what you feel is right - no worries
Happy Easter <3 xoxo

Darlene Demell said...

Thanks for understanding. Happy Easter to you also.