Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Need a Gift for Your Special Valentine?

If you are still wondering what to get for that special person in your life for Valentine's Day, I just might have the answer for you.
Have you ever thought of a personalized book that is all about you and your loved one? Well in the past I have given books like this to my three sons for Christmas and they really enjoyed them. They didn't know about it so I was the one who chose which book to give them. If you decide you would like to take a chance and win one of these books then you will get to decide which book you would like.

The book I just sent off to my brother in law and his wife is about the Florida Keys as it has a special meaning to them. They have been there many times and they love it so I know they are going to love this book. The one my brother in law chose is this one:

Heart of the Keys is a personalized novel set in Key West, the US's "Southernmost City," that provides more than the usual excitement for the starring couple in this outrageous romantic romp.
A love letter written in 1848 holds a secret that is known only to a wealthy businessman with ill intent and an unusual gentleman who enlists the aid of the hero and heroine to help foil the businessman's unsavory scheme. Colorful characters, picturesque sunsets and tropical settings serve as the backdrop for this tale of elusive love and everlasting romance.
Of course the hero and heroine are my brother in law and his wife. You can get these books in the mild or wild version. I chose the mild version for them as I think they are at an age they would appreciate it more.

You get to dedicate the book to whomever you choose to and you can sign it with a special occasion if you like just like I did.

This company, has books for pretty well everyone on your list. Like these:
Valentine's Favorites
Another Time-Another Place
Sports & for the Guys
Gift Cards
Other Products
Other Gift Ideas

So as you can see you have quite a choice of books to choose from. Now one lucky person will win a book of their choice.

Open to both US and Canada and Ends 16/17

Good luck everyone.


Lynda Cook said...

Thank you for the awesome contest, this would make a great gift for my oldest daughter and her husband!!

kathy downey said...

Good morning Darlene,i would love to win this for my daughter.

Carole Dube said...

I would like the book Island of Love.

Andrea Amy said...

I would love to get one for my Mom! This would be a great birthday gift for her!