Friday, August 5, 2016

Rainy Day Giveaway-US/CAN Ends Aug. 20/16

Have you ever wondered just how much rain we get in a storm or a really rainy day? Or do you have a good thermometer that will tell you how hot it is outside? Well here is your chance to win yourself a Rain gauge and a really great outdoor thermometer.
First we have the Outdoor 6" Deluxe Rain Gauge. Check out the video here:
Hubby put ours up today and so far we have almost 1 3/4" of rain in it.

You can see the numbers much better on the site. Hubby said the rain gauge is so easy to put up and it took him all of about 2 minutes to do. He told our son today that he will have to come and check it out. Then he talked about the thermometer and was saying how he loves that too. Our son said it sounds pretty nice and next time he is here he is going to have a look.
We had a little rain this afternoon although not the storm they called for but it might rain more through the night. The blue attachment is what you slide off the back and then you screw it to the board or whatever you are going to place it on. Once its tightened on, you slide the holder onto it and wait for it to rain. I wish I would have had this last week when we really got a downpour. Oh I am sure we will get that again though. So now we will know how much rain we are having. It is sturdy and dependable, and is virtually unbreakable and built tough to withstand the harshest climate, it is even frost resistant. These rain gauges don't discolour in the sun like other brands, they stay easy to read for years. A great way to manage your garden and veggie patch watering so you don't waste water unnecessarily. I know we are going to love our rain gauge.

Then we have the Digital MIN/MAX Weather Thermometer and this I really like too. We had an old thermometer outside our window but this one is much better. Sorry but I took the photo from inside and you can't really see the temp all that great. Check it out here It has a clear easy to read lcd display screen showing the current temperature and the latest min/max temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Hubby put ours in Fahrenheit so I can read it better. I don't like Celsius. I wasn't brought up learning that so I am old school I guess. This is so easy to read and it is virtually unbreakable so it can stay out even in the winter without having to worry about it breaking on us. These rain gauges won't yellow in the sun like other brands, they stay easy to read for years. Yesterday our temperature outside was 109 degrees Farenheit. This versatile indoor-outdoor thermometer automatically sets the min/max temperatures, or you can easily reset it yourself with the press of a button.It has a clear screen with easy-to-read digital display between -58 F - 158 F Today after our little rain it dropped somewhat to 82 degrees. Hubby fell right in love with this thermometer. Men, right? lol He just couldn't wait to unwrap it and get it hung out. Now we just look out the window and we know what the temperature is all the time. So we have a rain gauge and a new thermometer and you can enter to win both of these today. By the way, I received these products all the way from Australia. It really is a cute thermometer looking like a little house.
This adds a nice decorative touch to the verandah, hang in your greenhouse, shed or wherever you need to see the temperature. Makes a great gift as well!

Get your entries in if you want to win these products. Thanks to the sponsor. Good luck everyone.


Carey Hurst said...

Both pretty cool . Thanks for the blog and giveaway. I would choose the rain gauge though .

Silvia said...

I like both but the rain gauge would be interesting as I live on the rainy west coast!

pickgal said...

I like the thermometer. Great for the winter.

Lynda Cook said...

I love them both, but I would really like the thermometer, I have the perfect place for it too!! thank you for this great giveaway!!

Glogirl said...

I think I would enjoy the thermometer. I like knowing what the temp is outside.

Wanda Tracey said...

They are both awesome & so interesting to have but I
would choose the thermometer.

Laurie P said...

We would enjoy both, but I think my girl would love to watch rain accumulate in the gauge!

Lynda Cook said...

It would have been great to have the rain gauge today, to actually see how much rain fell!!