Sunday, June 12, 2016

LampeBerger-Canada Only-ends June 26/16

In 1898 in response to deal with disinfection in hospitals at that time, Maurice Berger invented the system of diffusion by catalysis, on which he files a patent.
Well this past week I received a package from LampeBerger as I am a Brand Ambassador for them. The lamp I received is Athena lamp in gray and it is lovely. I also received three bottles of scent and I used the Extreme Orange and it smells wonderful. I smell the scent of oranges everywhere. This would make for a great scent to have working when we decide to sell our home. They say these scents help to sell so we will see. The other two scents I received are Mineral Oakmoss and Subtle Almond. They will be nice also.

The lamp came in a real pretty draw-string bag like this You will get a lamp, the funnel to pour the scent into it, the wick and the open top to place on once the flame is out and ready to use.
To begin, take the top off of your lamp and use the funnel supplied and you fill the lamp with the scent,and for the first time using this, you wait for 20 minutes. This is so the wick will get well saturated with the scent. Then you light the top of the lamp and wait 2 minutes and then blow the flame out. Put the top casing back on and enjoy the scent that will go through your home. This will destroy undesirable odors such as cooking, tobacco, pet smells.. (an area at 500 degree celcius
attracts the malodorous molecules preventing from reproducing). Now you just sit back and let the scent go right through your home. Once you are done with the lamp, you replace the open top with the closed top. LampeBerger has more than 100 years of history. Take a look at all of the lamps and scents here at I know you will see something there that will be to your liking. You can see all the new lamps and fragrances there.
The sponsor has offered a Timeless Rose scent along with the Passion Lamp in Red. Good luck everyone.


Lynda Cook said...

I heard so many great things about these, and would love to try, I love the fact that they are flame free and plug free!!

Carole Dube said...

Lampe Berger are the best to remove unwanted smell from your house!

Trina Goodwin said...

I have always wanted one of these thanks for the chance to win one , i have hear amazing things about them :)

Lori said...

Would love to try this. winning one would be fantastic!

Wanda Tracey said...

Thank you for sponsoring this awesome giveaway and a chance to win a lovely Lampe Berger.I love the green Berlingot lampe and the scents of Lavender Fields or Majestic Sequoia would be heavenly to refresh my home.All my fingers are crossed tight for this because I would love it!! :)