Thursday, October 15, 2015

(HGG) Good Fortune Soaps-US Only-Ends Oct. 30/15

Recently I received a Good Fortune Soap Faucet Soaps in a Sack and let me tell you its wonderful smelling. I have the scent Apple Lavender.
It came in a very nice mesh bag and has a draw string to keep it closed. So when you bathe or shower, you just put the soap back into the mesh bag and hang it to dry until next time. No mess or soap scum anywhere. It makes the whole washroom smell terrific.
The soap says Good Fortune with a little bird and underneath says Wash your troubles away. It is a very nice sized bar too. The scents come in Apple Lavender, Sandalwood Lavender, Sweet Spice, Peppermint Tea Tree, Grapefruit Orange,and Citronella Grapefruit. These all sound good enough to eat. But that is not what they are for. :)

Jennifer Strain, is the owner of Good Fortune Soap & the inventor of Faucet Soaps (a modern soap-on-a-rope.) Faucet Soap combines the best of bar soap, and liquid gel poofy, all in one. Year after year, they are our best seller for men and women. The best thing about our Faucet Soaps are that you never have mushy soap bars, and they make your soaps last so much longer.

The natural bar of soap comes in a mesh bag, and packaged inside a waterproof travel bag. (We get the ahhh-haaa moment all the time)!

Features: It hangs conveniently in your shower, and is great for kids to bathe themselves.
Wow: Phosphate-free and biodegradable. Waterproof bag eliminates shower gel and mess when you travel.
There is a video you can watch here

Jennifer offers a lot more than just soap. She has Natural Spa products, Custom products, Essential Oils, Soap, Bath & Body products, Skin Care products, For Men,and Home Goods products. Check out her site today. I know you will see something that you like.
Jennifer is offering our winner, two bars of soaps in their choice of scent. So get your entries in and good luck everyone.
Much thanks to Jennifer for this giveaway.