Sunday, November 2, 2014


Here is something that would make an awesome gift for someone on your Christmas list this year or even for yourself. I received a Lampeberger and love it. This is the one I have. It came well wrapped and with great instructions. It smells so wonderful once its lit and you only let it go for 20 minutes. It smells up the whole house in no time at all.
You take out the wick,
Pour in your bottle of fragrance, in this case I received Enchanting Flowers.
After you have the whole bottle poured in you light the Catalytic Burner. It is heat generated by the exclusive patented catalytic burner attracts and eliminates noxious molecules at 500°C (red zone) The lower temperature core allows diffusion of fragrance at 200°C (orange zone) Duration of the burner’s life is 140 hours of diffusion or the equivalent of 7 bottles of 500ml fragrance or 1 year
of intense usage.
Once the flame goes down you just blow it out, Remember to only let it burn for 20 minutes, then replace the top and enjoy the fragrance that will go through your home. Once your 20 minutes are up, replace the top to seal it and then put your silver top on and its ready until the next time. Lampe Berger PURIFIES THE AIR-giving you better air quality by removing air pollutant molecules.
The best gift for the holidays!

Candied fruits
The perfect perfume for a warm and convivial atmosphere, where rich and
aromatic fragrances mingle with the scent of the pine tree and the log fire.
Dried fruits
Candied chestnuts
Savory Apple Tart
An olfactory concoction that is unique and delicious, a fragrance with the taste of
childhood. A Sheer delight calling to mind the sweet and fruity perfume of apple tart
that is still warm.

Snowy Pines
Maritime Pine
Oak Moss
A real walk in the forest among the snow-covered pines. A spicy fern combining the invigorating freshness of pine needles with the rich woody fragrance of the undergrowth.
Available everywhere on Canada.
From the start, the vocation of Lampe Berger Paris has always been to take care
of indoor air quality.Invented way back in 1898, Lampe Berger’s system of diffusion by catalysis still has no rival today for purifying the air in your home by truly destroying unpleasant smells, while at the same time diffusing delicate indoor fragrances. Because of the attention it pays to quality in all it’s aspects, Lampe Berger makes it a rule to diffuse only perfectly mastered and controlled substances into the air. In order to appeal to everybody’s tastes, the Lampe Berger collection now contains over a hundred different lamp models and some fifty Parfums de Maison.
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Thank you to LampeBerger.


kathy downey said...

Thanks for the review,I would love one of these