Wednesday, October 8, 2014

(HGG) Light Affection Giveaway-US/CANADA-Ends October 22/14

The gift certificates include shipping costs of the completed Night Light to a US destination. For a destination outside of the US, the shipping cost would have to be charged; this is typically about $25.00 to Canada. So if you do not want to pay the shipping if you are a winner and live in Canada then please do not enter.

Here is a great idea for a special Christmas gift for someone on our list. This is something you don't see every day so you will be the envy of everyone who sees this. Why not take an old family photo and turn it into a magical light? Light Affection keepsake gifts are long lasting (practically forever), sentimental, beautiful, personal, practical and are sure to get the conversation going. Have them try to figure out how the family picture shows up when there is no actual photo in there!
Light Affection is a personalized gift idea based on a favorite photo. A Carved piece, based on your photo, is inserted into a frame and assemble into a Lamp or Night Light. The carving is made in a unique way so that when lit from behind it creates an illusion of the original image.

The carved piece is everlasting and is a great keepsake for generations to come. Since each piece is personalized, it comes with a unique serial number. These make the most unique Christmas gifts for anyone on your list.

I received one of these Night Lights last year and I had my grandchildren's photo set into it. My son and his wife loved it. This is how they do it.

The main piece is the carved piece, based on the photograph. We start with a piece of an extremely durable material with somewhat of a marble feel to it. The piece is then carved based on the photograph you send us (the original photograph isn’t damaged). The special carving technique is similar to the one used in Lithophanes (see below). Due to its translucent nature, holding the piece to the light will create an illusion of a Photo. This piece will last for hundreds of years without changing its quality or color.

The carved piece is assembled into a frame of your choice. The frames are all high quality wooden frames and are available in both Contemporary and Traditional styles. Styles and Colors vary depending on Light Affection size selected.

The larger size Light Affection lights come with an energy efficient light source and an On/Off switch cable. The smaller sizes (Night Light and 4×4) come with a small light bulb and an On/Off switch as well.

Each Light Affection comes with an authenticity card specifying the unique serial number of the piece.

Based on an age-old art form known as lithophanes (Greek for vision in stone), the engraving of an image comes to life when illuminated from behind. The varying thickness of the translucent material creates the illusion of the original image. Today, Light Affection is creating these pieces using modern, long-lasting materials that give this unique effect.

Carved piece is 2 3/4″ x 2 3/4″
The Night Light comes complete with the carved piece inserted into a black frame. It even includes the Light Bulb. All you have to do is plug it in and turn on the switch!
Take a look at this:


Enter today to win your gift certificate for a Personalized Night Light $44.95 and have your own Night Light with whatever photo you choose to put on it. You won't be disappointed. They have gift ideas such as
Valentines, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Grandparents, Housewarming, Keepsakes, Memorial and Pets. Take your choice of what you want in your Night Light.