Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Safe Hands Sanitizer-US/Canada-Ends September 3/14 CLOSED

In today's world we all like to keep safe and one way of doing that is to keep our hands free of germs. I received a package of safeHands hand sanitizer and they smell wonderful. Not a strong stinky smell but rather like bubble gum or tooty fruity.

Alcohol Free!
safeHands hand sanitizer foaming sanitizer contains NO ALCOHOL.
http://safehands.com uses Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC),
an active ingredient used safely for over 50 years in the safeHands® foaming sanitizer contains NO ALCOHOL.
We use Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) as it has been used in eye drops, nose sprays and mouthwashes to create a hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% germs and softens and soothes the skin.

non toxic foaming safeHands hand sanitizer is safe for kids, schools, or anywhere you want to kill germs.

non flammable hand sanitizer No alcohol! We are perfect for schools, universities, restaurants and anywhere you want safeHands.
Kills 99.99% of Germs
alcohol free sanitizer kills germs We kill germs - 99.99% of them. The rich formula of every safeHands® foaming sanitizer moisturizes the skin. Use it as many times as you would like throughout the day for both germ killing and hand soothing. Pack it in your purse, backpack, give it to your teachers and for use by everyone .. everywhere.

I received the following scents:
tooty fruity,
cool blue,
bubble gum, cucumber mint,
clean linen, and the large bottle is fragrance free.

This hand sanitizer is safe for kids as well as adults. The Bubble Gum, Cool Blue and Tooty Fruity are sanitizers for kids while the others are more for the adults. I know my grandchildren will love them. I myself, like the smell of the "tooty fruity". My grandchildren use sanitizer all the time at home and when they come here so wait till they see the new products they will get to use. I will have to keep control or they will be washing their hands all the time just to use the sanitizer. This is great to send to school with your kids, take one in your purse to work, leave one in the car or anywhere you like. Just be careful, once other people see them they will be gone in no time.

"Their Story"
It was time for a change, at safeHands®, we're not here to reinvent the wheel, just to reinvent hand sanitizer.
After years of in-depth scientific research and clinical testing, Dr. Jay Reubens and Dr. David Dyer finally escaped the laboratory to introduce safeHands® to the world-the proven alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

This hydrating, skin-soothing, foam-based non toxic hand sanitizer kills more than 99.99% of germs on contact and is scientifically proven to be more effective after the third consecutive use than alcohol-based hand sanitizers, safeHands® battles germs, not your skin, so you can sanitize while keeping your hands silky smooth.

safeHands® features a safe and trustworthy active ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) creating a hand sanitizer that is tough on germs and safe on skin. The rich, exclusive formula of every safeHands® bottle moisturizes and preserves the natural oils in skin without leaving them irritated and dry.

See more at: http://safehands.com/#sthash.1jivBOJF.dpuf

One lucky person is going to win safeHands® hand sanitizers. Get those entries in today and good luck to everyone.