Saturday, February 22, 2014

Reverie Sweet Slumber

Recently I was sent a Sweet Slumber pillow from a company called Reverie.
Well you know what? I didn't even get a chance to sleep on this pillow because hubby claimed it right away. He loves it. He said it is the most comfortable pillow he has ever laid his head on. He has neck problems so needs a good pillow and finally now he has one.
The Reverie Sweet Slumber pillow is composed of shredded natural rubber to simulate down. Its available in Standard size, Queen or King. It accomodates back, side and stomach sleepers.

One thing I really like about this pillow is it has the organic pillow protector. It protects your pillows, your head and the earth with these GOTS 100% certified organic cotton jersey pillow protectors. It is gentle enough to be used as a pillowcase. It is also waterproof which means you can take the cover off and throw it in the wash when needed.

I must say this pillow is a little on the heavy side when you lift it but is very comfortable when you lay your head on it. It doesn't all bunch up like some pillows do and it doesn't go flat where you head lays. It stays the same all the way around. To get a good night's sleep you really do need a good pillow and now hubby has one. These are the perfect pillows as well for anyone who has allergies like I do. I can't have any feathers in the house or down or I end up in the hospital for a few hours until they get the hives and itch gone. Its not fun.

Reverie also carries Dream Sleep Systems where you will look forward to going to bed each night. This includes a mattress with Dream Cell support technology as well as an adjustable foundation which allows you to choose your most comfortable sleeping and resting position. The soft natural rubber foam topper provides a layer of comfort. The mattress cover is made with breathable natural bamboo or eucalyptus depending on the model. The Adjustable Foundation allows you to raise or lower the head and foot of the bed for sleeping and relaxing comfort using a wireless remote control. It has many more additional features.

So if you are looking for the perfect pillow or a better bed for a better sleep, I suggest you check out
Reverie. They provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty on each mattress and a 20-year Warranty on each adjustable foundation. You can try their sleep system risk-free for 101 nights. Full refund if not satisfied. You can't get better than that.

Thanks to Reverie for my pillow which hubby is totally happy with.