Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mattel Holiday Blogger Campaign~Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Review~

Christmas is fast approaching and I am a little over half finished my shopping. How about you? Have you started or are you finished? Are you like my hubby and run out Christmas Eve to do your shopping? He likes to go then because he said there is next to nobody in the store and he can take his time and not worry about being pushed or prodded.
For me personally, I hate shopping at any time. I keep telling hubby he is lucky I am this way. I save him a lot of money by staying home. I will go to the mall and go in for what I am looking for, head to the cash out and then I leave. That is my shopping. I never was a good shopper, I lose patience too quickly. I can never find what I am looking for, its the wrong color or size, or it costs too much or a hundred other reasons. I just hate shopping. So when I got the chance to review this Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister from Mattel I was so excited. This is a gift for my grandson for Christmas. He absolutely loves Hot Wheels. He would trade his huge trucks and anything else for a Hot Wheel car. He just loves them.

When my son was small he wanted a certain truck for Christmas. I forget now what it was called, something like Black Thunder and it was a remote control truck. Well it was the rage that year and did I have a time finding one. We called every store in town, we travelled miles for it and never found it. Then my sister in law told me there was some in the town where she lived. This town was about an hour and a half away but away we went. Were we lucky? Yes we were. They had two trucks left in the store. I got one. My son was so excited Christmas morning that no other toy he received held his attention. He treasured that truck for years. So how far would you go to get that special gift for your child? After all, Santa hardly ever runs out of toys on a child's list. Am I right?

So how do you decide on what to get for your child? Do they make a wish list and you pick from that? Or do you make all the decisions when you go shopping? We always got our boys to make a list and put stars beside things they wanted more than anything. We chose from that list then. Our boys were always happy with their gifts. It makes it much easier for us parents too when we have a list and know what they want most of all.

Like I said, I am not a shopper. I hate being pushed in the aisles, waiting for people to move out of the way, and one year I even had people taking things out of my cart because they couldn't find another item like it. So now, when I got the chance to review the Hot Wheels I was so happy. It means I don't have to battle the crowds in the mall and they are starting already and have been for a while now. I can sit back and wrap my gifts here at home and wait until Christmas Day. Oh wait! I still have a few things to get but I know what I want and I know the store still has what I am looking for so it should go well for me.

I like to do my shopping early, get away from the crowds, always able to get what I want and then everyone smiles on Christmas morning. So when do you start?
Thanks to Mattel I am almost finished my shopping for another year.

If you are still looking for that special gift, check out #HotHolidayToys @ www.mattel.ca

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I like your friendly friday button with the 2 cats. Of course there are a lot of lovely things on this page.

Darlene Demell said...

Thanks for bringing that button to my attention Katherine. I had to remove it as the site is no longer there. Thanks for the compliment on my blog.
I will check over the other buttons now too. Thanks again.