Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Come and Join Us! It's Raining Cash Giveaway Event


It's Raining Cash Giveaway Event

Are you a blogger looking to increase your social media exposure?
Join our upcoming cash giveaway event!
This event will be held from April 16th-29th.
You can sign-up until April 7th.

Our most recent cash giveaway event, the $700 Winter Blast of Cash Giveaway, had an incredible turnout with over 120 blogs participating and 275,000+ entries. Participants in that event gained hundreds and even thousands of new followers!
We'd love for you to join us in the next big event!

What's the prize?
One large sum of cash made payable via PayPal, exact amount to be determined by participation. The more bloggers participating — the bigger the prize!
How much does it cost?
$4 per entry link.
You choose your links. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Email or RSS subscription, etc. Each type of link will be listed together on the entry form. The listing order will be determined by the order of sign-up (if you hurry, you’ll be closer to the top!).

Sign up form and information is here:

Please tell them I referred you. Thanks.