Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Chef's Stir Pan~ Ends December19

Kitchen Stir

KitchenStir has created a revolutionary kitchen appliance called The Chef's Stir Pan. This device has many cooking elements in one great unit!
What exactly is this machine capable of doing?
•Stir Fryer & Stirring Saute-Saucepan
•Intermittent Stir Braising-Browning
•Caramelizer for Coating Nuts & Granola Roaster-Cooker
•Soup-Sauce Maker & Stew-Chili Maker & Risotto Maker
•Stirring Fondue for Chocolate-Cheese-Oils & Simmer-Slow Cooker
•Fudge-Caramel-Toffee and Treats Maker & Jam Cooker

3.25 Qt. Stir Pan capacity; KitchenStir patented Stir Cooker series
•Easily serves 4 to 6 or multiple dishes for large groups
•Removable Stir Pan, Stirrer, and Tempered Glass Lid are all dishwasher safe
•Pan interior and exterior coating: Quality Black Non-stick
•Heating: 1200W embedded Heater; very fast pre-heat
•Thermostat range; WARM is for Simmer; adjustable to 400ºF
•Stir-control for Continuous and Intermittent Stirring

This machine has a great paddle installed in the bottom of it that stirs your food for you and ensures even and complete cooking. Making sausage links for breakfast? You can now walk away from the machine and relax as The Chef's Stir Pan does all of the tedious work for you! All you do is preheat the machine, set the desired temperature (ranging from 0 to 400 degrees) and walk away. The machine comes with a list of easy recipes, and an instruction manual to assist you on how to use the machine. There are endless possibilities of what you can make in this device. Chicken, sausage, vegetables, popcorn, and so much more!

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