Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kindness Reminder Ring Open to US & Canada ENDS Sept. 5

String Ring would like to give a String Ring Gift Set to 1 of you – includes sterling silver ring, 20 colored strings, 2 stickers, jute bag, polishing cloth (ARV $28.95)
Kindness Reminder String Ring

Designed to be threaded with the provided colored string, String-Ring reminds you of the particular act of kindness you wish to remember. Each String-Ring™ is crafted from the best quality silver and comes with 20 replaceable colored strings, a jute bag, polishing cloth, stickers, and a list of color meanings.

Here are a few of the common meanings that may be a good choice for a reminder string for you:

Red or Pink – Love
White - Peace, Life and Simplicity
Yellow – Optimism
Orange – Energy and Enthusiasm
Silver – Wisdom and Understanding
Green or Brown – Nature
Blue - Tranquility
Purple – Empathy
Gold - Giving
Black – Depth, Introspection and Harmony

The website has helpful written and video instructions with several different options for tying styles. You can have a basic look or a bow and you can use one or 2 colors on your ring.

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Open to US & Canada and ENDS Sept. 5

Good luck everyone.