Thursday, November 19, 2015

Christmas Wonders Audio Book giveaway-Worldwide-Dec. 4/15

Not long ago I asked everyone if they would like to have a giveaway for an audio book. Some of you said yes, others said they would not be interested. Some never gave an answer and some of you answered via email and said yes. So I am going ahead with it for those who may be interested.

Christmas Wonders written by best-selling & award-winning author Robyn Buttars hit book shelves October 1st, with an audio book version being released at the end of October.

Movie actor Paul Cram narrates the audio book version. (Fans of Paul are excited to see him acting alongside Woody Harrelson in the upcoming 2016 movie release of "Wilson.")

Christmas Wonders synopsis:
"Have a wonder-filled Christmas!" This is how people in Lukes new hometown greet one another as Christmas approaches. With no memory of a Christmas celebration, ten-year-old Luke feels excluded from the towns tradition, until he finds his deceased mothers nativity set. Touched by Marys protecting embrace of the Baby Jesus, Luke experiences his first Christmas Wonder. His discovery is the catalyst for a search that leads to a soul-changing season for neighbors as Luke finds his connection to heavenly love.

This is a sample audio of the book for you to listen to

ROBYN BUTTARS is an award-winning author of books for children and adults. Her first no vella, Christmas Rose, won first place in the League of Utah Writer's Contest and was a holiday bestseller. Her home is Lewiston, Utah, and she and her husband, Kent, are the parents of six children.She is a registered nurse and enjoys traveling, composing,and reading.

Learn more about the author Robyn Buttars online at:

Learn more about the narrator Paul Cram online at:

Read more about this audio book and also customer comments. This book received a 4.8 rating out of 5 stars with 17 people commenting.

Monday, November 16, 2015

(HGG) Ultimate Spiderman Colour Shock Slinger-Canada Only-Dec.1/15

Wouldn't some little guy that you know like one of these? I received this Shock Slinger from Hasbro and am putting it away for a while. It would have been awesome for Halloween but that is past now so I might give it to my grandson at Christmas; but he will be shooting water all over the house maybe so I might keep it until his birthday instead. I know he will love it.

Imagine SPIDER-MAN adventures at a whole new level with this incredible Colour Shock Slinger! Kids will be able to fire web fluid like their favourite web-crawling Super Heroes when they pull on the glove and attach the gauntlet. Kids can choose from different characters, including SPIDER-MAN, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and IRON SPIDER, each with their own unique web fluid color. All out of Spidey Shot and surrounded by villains? No problem! The Ultimate Spider-Man Color Shock Slinger includes a special water canister. Load it in and you're ready to soak the bad guys and save the city! Each sold separately.
This Slinger includes The Slinger, Spidey Shot Web Fluid, refillable water cartridge,and glove. Glove is one size and fits most.

One person is going to win this Spider Man Color Shock Slinger. Get your entries in and good luck to everyone.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls 3 Pack DVD (Review)

Join Twilight Sparkle and her Canterlot High friends in three animated adventures! My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (Three Movie Gift Set), which includes the new full-length feature film, My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, has been released on October 13 in the U.S. and Canada from Shout! Kids, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios. With a special lenticular cover that features a transforming Twilight Sparkle, the box set houses all three films released from the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls canon, Equestria Girls, Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games. Complete with bonus features including audio commentaries, animated shorts and deleted scenes from Friendship Games, this gift set is perfect for giving this holiday season.

Equestria Girls
When a crown is stolen from the Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle pursues the thief into an alternate world where she transforms into a teenage girl who must survive her biggest challenge yet…high school. With help from her new friends who remind her of Ponyville’s Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, she embarks upon a quest to find the crown and change the destiny of these two parallel worlds.

Rainbow Rocks

Canterlot High is hosting a musical showcase and Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy are going to be performing with their new band, The Rainbooms. A new girl group, The Dazzlings, arrive at CHS and convince everyone to turn the friendly showcase into a Battle of the Bands. Tensions mount and a reformed Sunset Shimmer realizes that the Dazzlings may not be ordinary girls and are after something far more sinister. The Rainbooms call on Princess Twilight to return to their world to help them perform a musical counter-spell so that they can win a battle that now determines the fate of the entire school.

Friendship Games

Canterlot High meets its rival school, Crystal Prep Academy, in a competition that’s a long-standing tradition — the Friendship Games. Sunset Shimmer is tasked with keeping magic out of the games to avoid the appearance of impropriety while she and her friends compete against Crystal Prep’s top students led by someone with an equal amount of interest in Equestrian magic — this world’s Twilight Sparkle.

Bonus Features:

Through The Looking Glass of Equestria Girls
Deleted Scenes from My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games
Audio Commentaries
Animated Shorts

About Hasbro Studios
Hasbro Studios is responsible for entertainment brand-driven storytelling for Hasbro across television, film, commercial productions and short-form content. It develops, produces and distributes TV shows based on Hasbro’s world class brands, including TRANSFORMERS, MY LITTLE PONY, LITTLEST PET SHOP and FAMILY GAME NIGHT. Many of these shows air on Discovery Family Channel and on networks in more than 180 territories globally. Since its formation in 2009, the studio has received nine Daytime Emmy wins.

On the film side, the studio has developed and produced a number of features based on Hasbro’s brands. In addition to partnering with leading studios, the Company intends to make movies based on new and existing Hasbro brands for audiences globally through the Allspark Pictures film label. Films in development or planned for release, include G.I. JOE 3 (Paramount), JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS (Universal & Allspark Pictures), MAGIC: THE GATHERING (21st Century Fox) and an animated feature based on MY LITTLE PONY (Allspark Pictures).

About Shout! Factory
Shout! Factory, LLC is a diversified multi-platform entertainment company devoted to producing, uncovering, preserving and revitalizing the very best of pop culture. Founders Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos have spent their entire careers sharing their music, television and film favorites with discerning consumers the world over. Shout! Factory’s entertainment offerings serve up feature films, classic and contemporary TV series, animation, live music and comedy specials. Shout’s audio division boasts GRAMMY®-nominated box sets, new releases from storied artists, lovingly assembled album reissues and indispensable “best of” compilations. In addition, Shout! Factory maintains a vast digital distribution network which delivers video and audio content to all the leading digital service providers in North America. Shout! Factory also owns and operates Shout! Factory TV, Scream Factory, Westchester Films, Timeless Media Group, Biograph Records, Majordomo Records, HighTone Records and Video Time Machine. These riches are the result of a creative acquisition mandate that has established the company as a hotbed of cultural preservation and commercial reinvention. Shout! Factory is based in Santa Monica, California. For more on Shout! Factory, visit

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

HGG-C4 Belt-US/CAN-Ends Nov.26

You may remember not too long ago I had a giveaway for the C4 Belts. Well they are back and with new colors. Everyone loved these belts and my hubby grabbed one right away. When these new belts arrived he was in heaven thinking they were for him. I had to tell him they are going to our sons for Christmas. He has a good one that will last his lifetime anyhow so was happy with that.
These are the two I received I think I stood too close for this next photo but you can still see it.

These belts come in a nice square container with care instructions and how to size your belt along with a decal you can put on your belt if you choose to. Remember, these are lifetime guaranteed and will last you your life.

C4 began on the bustling streets of Shanghai, where a small group of American friends were having the time of their lives: making new friends, exploring the streets during the day, partying at night, and thriving off of the experience of new cultures. During this time, they each developed their own individual looks and made a major realization: the only thing cramping their style was a se-vere lack of belt choices.

Other fashion accessories have changed with the times, but belts have remained the same: a boring black or brown leather belt. So the friends set off across the country in a search for ideas and partners. After months of research and brainstorming, they finally made their breakthrough! C4 Belts—a belt so cool, so stylish, so practical—it solved all the problems of “old-fashion” belts.

But revolutionizing the accessory world simply wasn’t enough. They wanted to take their idea a step further... so they created the C4 brand, a brand that represented what they most valued in life: freedom of choice, expression and giving back. And thus the name C4 came to stand for “Choose your Color. Choose your Cause.” In addition to choosing from thousands of color combination options, YOU have the power to choose how C4 gives back. With each belt online sale, C4 donates a portion of its pro-ceeds to a non-profit organization of your choice!

With these values in mind, C4 has grown from just an idea to a reality. Come #c4yourself, and together we’ll change the world -- one belt at a time.

C4’s unique clamp-on/clamp-off buckle feature gives you the ability to mix and match any color combination you want! With the hundreds of possible combinations available, you’ll have the perfect belt for every season, every outfit, every mood.

Forget discoloration and smells of mildew, C4 Belts are impenetrable by water. So strap on a belt, and go hit the lake or the mountain! The rest of you may get wet, but rest assured your belt will stay dry.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) plastic is the same plastic used for snowmobile treads. In other words, C4 Belts are durable, designed for an active lifestyle, and made to withstand even the most extreme elements. Try snowboarding in that “stylish” cowhide leather belt.

Unlike that cowhide leather belt you got as a present every Christmas, no animals are ever harmed in the making of C4 Belts. No skinning. No bleaching. No taunting animals for bad hide days. And defintely no chemicals.

C4 Belts gives you a voice to help make the world a better place. With each online purchase, a portion is donated to a charity of your choice from the list of C4 Belts’ non-profit partners. Look Good. Do Good. C4 Belts!

C4 Belts are ONE SIZE fits most (up to a 42” waist). Just trim the belt from the end where the buckle attaches to get the perfect fit. Now you’ve got one less thing to worry about!

TPE plastic’s low melting temperature and simplified injection molding technique lead to minimal energy use during production. And best of all, C4 Belts are 100% REC4CLABLE and can be processed like all your other recycled plastics.

You can see all the belts here They have all kinds of colors and offer skinny and classic style belts. Choose the buckle to go with the belt.

One lucky person will win a belt of their choice. Get the entries in and good luck to everyone.

Ripley's Believe it or Not- Eye-Popping Oddities--Review

Recently I received the book Ripley's Believe It or Not! Eye-Popping Oddities! The book has been known to induce actual eye-popping, jaw-dropping and head-spinning in people who stare at its pages for too long!

Eye-Popping Oddities! is the annual collection of strange-but-true stories from Ripley Publishing and features 256 pages of mind-blowing stories of animals, feats, art, pop culture, the human body and more. Readers of all ages will discover the oddest, funniest, most awe-inspiring stories on earth - worthy of returning to again and again.
There really is some strange and interesting things in this book. For example the burning tongue,

and my hubby's favorite program, all about the wild man, Nick Dodge. He is quite the character.
Then we have the
There is quite a lot in this book. My son saw it and said it looks like a very interesting book so guess what will be on his list this year.

Inside lurks a collection of unbelievable stories.

Meet the "Austrian Rock," who uses his amazing
strength to pull a 156-ton airplane!
Read about the man who built his own iron suit to stand in the center of a fireworks display.

Check out Jorge Ivan Latorre Robles, who can stretch his skin, pop out his eyes and dislocate his joints, allowing him to fold himself into a suitcase!
Get the lowdown on a goldfish that underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor.

"Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Eye-Popping Oddities"
is sure to entertain children and adults alike. Superbly and profusely illustrated throughout and very highly recommended for personal, community, and school library collections." - Midwest Book Review

"Another annual from Ripley's Believe It Or Not! that delivers what it promises - a great time reading all about, well, all about all sorts of things that will make you say 'wow!'" - Feathered Quill Reviews

Eye-Popping Oddities! makes the perfect holiday gift for teens, tweens or reluctant readers.
Previous editions of the Ripley's annual have been recognized by the National Parenting Publication Awards, Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards, YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Readers List and the Parents' Choice Awards. is where you can go to check out all the books this company offers. Ripley's Believe It or Not-Eye Popping Oddities is available for sale now. So if you are looking for a different kind of book for someone this year, look for this book.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you to the sponsor.

Veterans Day-Remembrance Day

To all those who served in the wars and at peace time, we take this time to say thank you to each and every one of you. Thank you to those who gave up their lives and for those who are still bravely fighting.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

HGG-Picture Keeper Giveaway-US/CAN-Ends Nov.19/15

Are you like me and keep saving photos and files on your computer and then forget to either put them somewhere you won't lose them on your computer or just forget to print files and things? I know I had a ton of pictures on my computer and I just keep adding to them all the time. Same as my patterns and all types of files and things for my home business with Watkins. So when I received the Picturekeeper and the MyBusinessKeeper they were great.

I went in and put all my pictures on the PictureKeeper and all my business files on the Business Keeper. Now when I want something I know just where to find them without having to search through all the files on my computer. I had a problem about 1 1/2 years ago and lost a lot of my files and pictures that were saved on here. Now I won't have to worry if I need a new computer like last time because I know my pictures and files will be safely stored on my Keepers.

The PictureKeeper is very easy to use. When protecting irreplaceable photos matters, Picture Keeper is essential. Picture Keeper's USB drives, software downloads, and mobile apps provide a powerful and convenient way to backup your digital photos to preserve life's moments and experience them for many years to come.
Go to bottom of the page Picturekeeper to watch the short video about Picturekeeper.
Insert Picture Keeper & click Start Backup. Watch Picture Keeper find your photos for you! Get their app & protect your mobile photos too!
This is not the best photo but its downloading my pictures for me. It is so easy to use.

The company has introduced their NEW Keepers: Video, Tune, and Business Keeper! Now, with the same ease of use as the Picture Keeper, you can backup your videos, music, and even business documents! Go to Picturekeeper and check them all out.
Thank you to the sponsor for these Keepers.

One lucky person will receive the "Stocking Stuffer" 4GB drive. Get your entries in and maybe you will be the lucky winner.

Monday, November 2, 2015

(HGG) Ice Chips Candy-US/Canada-2 winners-Ends Nov. 17/15

Featured on the ABC Hit TV Show, SHARK TANK it's ICECHIPSCANDY and the "Grannies!"

These smart, sassy and vibrant ladies; Charlotte Clary and and Bev Vines-Haines are millionaire entrepreneurs; health care advocates and makers of the candy that is taking the world by storm: ICE CHIPS CANDY!
These are the Root Beer Ice Chips. They are absolutely delicious and do taste like Root Beer.
They were featured on ABC Television's Shark Tank with their ALL NATURAL Ice Chips Candy
They caused a "FRENZY" with each of the Sharks wanting some!
These candy are a brown color and are flat just like the rest of them. The Licorice candy are white believe it or not. They taste great too. My grandchildren went home each with a tin of candy already. They loved them as did my son and his wife. So don't just take my word for it, enter to win your own package of 6 tins of Ice Chips. You don't have to worry about tooth decay with these either. There are 6 tins and they are Root Beer, Peppermint, Lemon, Berry Mix, Licorice and Cinnamon flavors.

Ice Chips® candies, while healthy, sugar-free, and safe for diabetics, are nothing like healthful candy you have tried in the past. They burst with flavor and grab your attention. Healthy has never been as much fun as it is with “The Good for You Candy...”
Enjoy Ice Chips® throughout your day to keep breath fresh, and teeth healthier! Allow Ice Chips® to dissolve slowly in mouth, coating teeth. Dentists recommend four to eight servings a day to receive full oral health benefits of Xylitol.
ICE CHIPS CANDY came into being when the Grannies were looking for a candy that was good for their 41 grandchildren and friends of theirs who had diabetic maladies. They made the candy when they were told it couldn't be done.
And ICE CHIPS CANDY took off. Not only all natural, but good for your teeth and TASTES GREAT!
Check out...

I received two boxes of these Ice Chips and I love them. I tried the Root Beer, Licorice and the Berry Mix so far and all are great.
You might want to know more about Xylitol:

Xylitol is a polyol, a sugar alcohol. It is all natural, safe for diabetics and has many health benefits.
It is all natural, safe for diabetics and has many health benefits.
Mostly, it is made from birch bark or corn. Ice Chips Candy uses only the birch bark Xylitol in order to avoid any chance of using Genetically Modified Corn (GMO). Additionally, the process and availability render this product much more expensive than sugar.
Ice Chips Candy uses Birchwood Xylitol (made in the USA), in order to access the health benefits, particularly the dental and diabetic advantages.

Now its time for you to try and win some so you can enjoy the taste of these as well. Good luck to all.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

(HGG) The Wild Thornberrys-US/CAN-Ends Nov.13/15

We have the complete series of The Wild Thornberrys for you this time. all 91 Wild Adventures on 15 DVD's.
The globe-trotting girl with the gift of gab and her fantastic family invite you to join them on the adventure of a lifetime in the Series.

The hit series The Wild Thornberrys follows the Thornberry family as they travel the world in their Communications Vehicle (or CommVee) looking for rare animals to film.
After an encounter with a mysterious shaman, Eliza Thornberry is granted the amazing ability to talk with animals. Travelling to every corner of the world with her family of daffy documentarians, Eliza uses her fantastic skill from the horse's mouth! (And the chimp's mouth, and the lion's mouth, and...well, you get the idea.)

Encounter wildlife in all its natural glory and eavesdrop on Eliza’s conversations with silverback gorillas, pythons, crested grebes, tapirs, capybaras, antelopes and more while the CommVee travels on!

With all 91 episodes of the Nickelodeon classic cartoon series, Eliza's animated adventures promise hours upon hours of family fun. So what are you waiting for? Climb aboard the Thornberry Commvee- the journey is about to begin, and your ticket is The Wild Thornberrys: The Complete Series..brought to you by a Nickelodeon fan's favorite travel agent, Shout!Factory.

This set of DVD's will keep your little ones busy for a while. The Program running time is 34.5 hours.

This fall, climb aboard the Thornberry CommVee and get ready for a wild adventure with the release of The Wild Thornberrys: The Complete Series on DVD. Available at Wal-Mart on October 20th, 2015, the 15 disc set contains all 91 globe-trotting episodes of the popular Nickelodeon series.

With its vibrant animation and charming storytelling, plus an all-star voice cast featuring Lacey Chabert (Party Of Five), Tim Curry (The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius) and Flea (The Red Hot Chili Peppers) The Wild Thornberrys an epic adventure that’s fun for the whole family. Produced by Klasky-Csupo for Nickelodeon, The Wild Thornberrys premiered in September 1998 and aired until 2004 with reruns airing on Nicktoons and CBS from 2002-2007.

About Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon, now in its 36th year, is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The company includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, online, recreation, books and feature films. Nickelodeon’s U.S. television network is seen in more than 100 million households and has been the number-one-rated basic cable network for 20 consecutive years. For more information or artwork, visit Nickelodeon and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIA, VIAB).

About Shout! Factory

Shout! Factory, LLC is a diversified multi-platform media company devoted to producing, uncovering, preserving and revitalizing the very best of pop culture. Founders Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos have spent their entire careers sharing their music, television and film favorites with discerning consumers the world over. Shout! Factory’s DVD and Blu-Ray™ offerings serve up feature films, classic and contemporary TV series, animation, live music and comedy specials in lavish packages crammed with extras. Shout’s audio division boasts GRAMMY®-nominated box sets, Broadway cast albums, new releases from storied artists, lovingly assembled album reissues and indispensable “best of” compilations. In addition, Shout! Factory maintains a vast digital distribution network which delivers video and audio content to all the leading digital service providers in North America. Shout! Factory also owns and operates Scream Factory, Timeless Media Group, Biograph Records, Majordomo Records, HighTone Records and Video Time Machine. These riches are the result of a creative acquisition mandate that has established the company as a hotbed of cultural preservation and commercial reinvention. Shout! Factory is based in Santa Monica, California. For more on Shout! Factory, visit

One lucky person is going to win this complete set. What a nice Christmas gift to put under the tree this year.
Good luck to everyone and thank you to Shout!Factory.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

(HGG) LampeBerger Giveaway-Canada Only-ends Nov.8/15

Lampeberger has some wonderful products and new scents. I received the Cube Scented Bouguet with the Amber Powder Scent.I absolutely love the scent of this.

To start with, you have a little plastic stopper inside the bottle, you remove the silver cap, then the stopper and replace the silver cap and put in your scent sticks.
Once you have the scent sticks in, just wait and enjoy the wonderful smell that will go right through your home. When you decide you want to close it up for a while you take the sticks out, put the little elastic around them to hold them together (it comes with the bottle)and you put your plastic stopper in, then the silver cap and save for another day. The fragrance lasts quite a while because I have used ours since I received it and still have a half a bottle. I will be ordering more though and probably for my two daughters in law as well. I will have them just as addicted to the scent as I am.

A collection of elegant items which diffuse through capillary action and offers continuous fragrance over several weeks.The Rose Bouquet and the Cube are the names of the of the diffusers.

The Cube Scented Bouquet
This elegant glass cube is topped by a ring and its bouquet of black sticks, which emphasize its contemporary design. The sticks, created in engineered polymer, guarantee optimal diffusion of the fragrance without discolouration in the solution.
Product ready to use, filled with 125ml of the fragrance you have chosen.
Fragrances guaranteed without any colourings. Refillable with the refill for bouquet parfumé 200ml.

Soap Memories
Zest of Verbena
Ocean Breeze
Paris Chic
Precious Jasmine
Amber Powder
Provence Treats
Virginia Cedarwood
Vanilla Gourmet
Orange Cinnamon

The Rose Scented Bouquet
An alternative to the sticks, for a fragrance that is more delicate but just as continuous A very finely-worked ceramic rose, which absorbs the fragrance through capillary action and gradually diffuses its delicious scent. Arranged in an elegant grey lacquered glass, it rests on a silver coloured ring for perfect stability and guaranteed elegance. A new refined way of perfuming. The flower must be
replaced in the event of using a different fragrance. Refillable with the refill for bouquet parfumé 200ml

Zest of Verbena
Orange Cinnamon
Paris Chic
Provence Treats
Soap Memories

Take a look around the site and see what other products has to offer. They are always adding new products and new scents. There is one there for everyone's taste. You won't be sorry. For anyone who does not win, you can always go in and buy a cube and scent if you like. It would be awesome at holiday time to have sitting on a mantle or your washroom. People will enjoy the scents I am sure.

The winner of this giveaway will receive a Cube + 2 refills like this:

So get your entries in and you could be the lucky winner. Good luck everyone.