Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sesame Street 50 Years and Counting

We have a great 2 disc DVD for the little people again. This will keep them busy for hours watching Big Bird and all his friends. Brought to you by the letters, B, I, R, T, H, D, A, and Y! Sesame Street is celebrating 50 years and this specia 2 disc collection is packed with the most beloved moments from the show.

Joining the furry festivities are a host of special guests, including classic clips of Madeline Kahn, REM and Patti Labelle, songs from Solange, Sara Bareilles, Janelle Monae, and Josh Groban, and belly laughs courtesy of Amy Poehler, Jeff Goldblum and Ricky Gervais.

The first disc in this very special 2-disc set features some of the greatest Sesame Street moments from yesterday and today: fan-favorite animations like “Ladybug Picnic” and “Pinball Number Count”; new and classic songs from Kermit the Frog’s soulful “It’s Not Easy Being Green” to’s empowering anthem, “What I Am”; and timeless interactions between children and the Sesame Street Muppets. 50 Years and Counting will also let fans revisit Sesame Street’s many unforgettable celebrity appearances: Patti LaBelle putting a glamorous spin on the alphabet song; Amy Poehler teaching the gang new vocabulary words; R.E.M.’s joyful rendition of “Furry Happy Monsters”; Ricky Gervais trying -- and failing -- to sing Elmo to sleep; and other guest appearances made pop culture headlines while embodying Sesame Street’s inclusive lessons and values.

The second disc is an exclusive collection of the most iconic “Street Story” segments from Sesame Street’s 50-year history. With help from kids’ favorite characters, the early childhood experts behind Sesame Street helped generations of families tackle big conversations through little moments like these: the neighborhood’s poignant farewell to Mr.Hooper; the dramatic reveal of Big Bird’s not-so-imaginary friend, Mr. Snuffleupagus; and the debut of Julia, the first Sesame Street Muppet with autism.

Draw Elmo

Circle The Difference

Big Bird Coloring page

Sesame Street’s year long 50th anniversary celebrates the timeless lesson that Sesame Street has always taught: everyone, no matter who they are or where they are from, is equally deserving of respect, opportunity, and joy. Throughout 2019, families everywhere can join all their furry and feathered friends in celebrating Sesame Street’s past, present, and future with a nationwide road trip, celebrity- and fan-fueled social media campaigns, new social impact initiatives, and a star-studded primetime special that will kick off the show’s 50th season.

50 Years and Counting also lets fans revisit the lighter side of the Street: Super Grover’s many crash-landings, Bert and Ernie’s classic comedy-duo antics, moments with human friends like Bob, Maria, Luis, Susan, and Gordon, and much more. There are even a few never-before-seen outtakes with Jim Henson and other original performers! With over five-and-a-half hours of content from all five decades of the beloved show, 50 Years and Counting offers something for everyone – from the very young to the young at heart.

Ends Oct. 28/19
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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Norman and the Flight and Gabby and the Dark

Today we have two books from Ripley Publishing Children’s Books that I think your little ones will really enjoy. The first one is all about Norman who is a penguin. Everyone says penguins can't fly but he is determined to show them all that penguins CAN fly. So lets see what happens.

It is a really cute book for your little ones. I know they will really like it and get some laughs from these two books.

He is so determined to fly he tries everything. Now you will have to read the book to see what really happens in the end. Its great.

Our second book is Gabby and the Dark Gabby is a turtle who is afraid of the dark but keeps saying he isn't. So let's see what happens in this book.

He goes down into the deep waters and let's see what happens.

The sponsor has graciously offered both of these books to one winner so get your entries in today and good luck to you all.
Open to US/CAN and closes Oct.20/19

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Princess Emmy

Today we have a DVD that I am sure all little girls will really enjoy. Its all about Princess Emmy.
Princess Emmy is a young girl with a secret gift--she is the only one in the Kingdom of Kandis who can speak to horses. Up until now, life for Emmy has been wonderful: exploring and hanging out with her best friends-- a stable full of horses; spending time with her family at the castle and not having a care in the world.

That is, until her jealous, scheming cousin Gizana appears, challenging her at every turn, threatening Emmy's chances of becoming an officially inaugurated princess and generally making her life hell. And on top of all that, Emmy must undergo the ultimate test to earn the right to keep her gift.

If she fails, she loses the gift and her best friends forever. There is a huge amount at stake for such a little girl.

It's a gift fit for a queen--Princess Emmy reigns supreme on October 15, when she bows on DVD and digital via Shout!Kids! The new animated feature is voiced by Ruby Barnhill (The BFG, Mary and the Witch's Flower), Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones, Netflix's Hilda) Franka Potente (Run Lola Run, Bourne Identity), and John Hannah (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Mummy), and directed by Piet de Rycker (Laura's Star, Little Polar Bear).

This DVD is open to US and Canada and will end Oct. 12, 2019
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Monday, September 2, 2019

Ripley's Believe It or Not-Beyond the Bizarre!

Well Ripley's has come out with their next edition of Believe it or Not. There are some really fascinating pictures and stories in this book.

Here is just some of the pictures and stories you will find in this book.

Now I can't see me enjoying a piece of this cake.

How can a person go from day to day with these nails without breaking one or more of them. That is gross.

You wouldn't catch me doing acrobats on this, I don't like heights.

I know someone now who is going to be getting an artificial nose. Amazing what they can do today.

These would be fun to make for those who crochet.

Not so sure I would like to walk across this bridge. How about you?

Not so sure this would be fun.

This book has 245 pages filled with the bizarre things you just won't believe. Its very fascinating. Ripley's has more books as well on their website here
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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sesame Street-Dance Party

We have a new giveaway today for you all.
Everyone loves to dance--from furry little monsters to furry BIG Snuffleupaguses!

This special collection incudes over two hours of content that will make your child want to move and groove. Little ones will love to see real kids dancing flamenco, doing an Irish step dance, clapping out West African beats, and cha-cha-ing all over the place. They'll learn to dance like a dinosaur, a robot, and Elmo!

Includes appearances by Amy Ryan, Liev Schreiber, Maria Menounos, Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman, Jason Derulo and performances by Ne-Yo, Feijoo Sisters, Janelle Monae and Sare Bareilles.

Dance Party trailer:

Full Length Feature
Elmo's Music Magic

Feature and Bonus Run Time: 132 minutes.

This giveaway is open to both US and Canada and ends Sept. 1, 2019.
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