Thursday, December 7, 2017

HGG- Santa's Magic Key

Recently I was sent two great books for kids. One is The 12 Sleighs of Christmas
Which elf will build the coolest sleigh for the Christmas ride? SANTA will decide!
When the elves discover that Santa's sleigh is in a terrible state, they let their imaginations go wild - and soon there are sleighs of every kind, inspired by big rigs, motorcycles, zeppelins, and much more!

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site and the celebrated illustrator of Michael Chabon's The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man, team up for spirited vehicular silliness and classic Christmas cheer in this turbo-charged read-aloud destined to become a holiday classic.

Sherri Duskey Rinker is the author of #1 New York Times bestsellers Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site and Steam Train, Dream Train . She lives in St. Charles, Illinois.

Jake Parker is an illustrator based in Utah. He has worked on animated films, comics, and picture books, including The Little Snowplow and The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man .

For ages 3-5

The second book I received was Santa's Magic Key I love this book. I gave it to my grandchildren last night so they will have the key all ready for Christmas Eve. Its so exciting to see their faces when they see the key and read the book.
The key is quite a nice size and its a bit on the heavy side. The story of the Magic Key is great.

Eric James

illustrated by Simon Mendez

Unlock the magic with this book and special keepsake key to start a new family tradition.

It's an age-old question. How does Santa get into every house around the world… no matter what doors, locks, chimneys, or windows exist?

Find the answer to this question in Santa's Magic Key! In this unforgettable holiday story, a boy realizes on Christmas Eve that his new house does not have a chimney, and with the post office closed and Santa coming bythe end of the night, he has no way of telling Santa. But when the boy finds a mysterious key, he'll soon discover just how this key will solve his problem.

Add a new classic to your holiday collection with this magical tale that reveals how Santa can always spread gifts and joy on Christmas Eve by using his magical key. This beautiful book comes with Santa's special key just for you to hang on your Christmas tree as an ornament or outside your door!

Eric James is a children's book author, word tickler, and champion asparagus thrower. You can find him online at He lives in Bath, England, with his family.
For ages 4-9

I love the pictures in this book. Such as this one:
Every picture in this book is so vivid and colorful. Not like other books, with the drawn pictures look.
Santa also leaves a note like this for the kids:

One lucky person will win this book called Santa's Magic Key and I am going to set the closing for this Dec. 16 so it gets to the winner in time.

Hope you enjoy and get your entries in. Open to Canada only (Sorry US) Good luck everyone.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Some Ideas for a Christmas gift for your child. (Review)

Its Holiday time again and everyone is busy baking, shopping and still wondering what to get for gifts. Well today I have one great idea for you from Southard Freeman Communications. /This game is called Operation: Escape and it looks like a really fun game that your kids will enjoy playing.

Escape room growth has been explosive – escape rooms have been popping up at an exponential rate in virtually every state in the country. Operation: Escape from YULU Toys is a new interactive game that taps into the escape room trend by combining skill, strategy and teamwork to search, solve and escape the room before time runs out!

The objective: work together and complete three tasks in order to set the captured player free of the master belt before time runs out. First, choose a player to be captured. Place and lock the belt on the player and set the timer on the belt using the rotating dials. The game includes a series of three challenges, a Skill Challenge, Strategy Challenge and Luck Challenge.

The Skill Challenge requires players to wiggle a key out from the bottom of a cage using sticks.
The Strategy Challenge uses cards divided into three levels of difficulty. Enter the card number into the device, solve the problem and then enter the answer into the same device. If the answer is correct, 1/3rd of the key will come out. Players must solve three problems in a row in order to retrieve the key. If the answer is incorrect, the key will pop back into the device.

In order to solve the final challenge, the Luck Challenge, players must insert the correct key into a device and spin it. They have three chances to find the key in the device. If players are unable to find the key, they must reset the spinner and start over.

Remember to work quickly! If all tasks are not solved within the time frame on the belt, the player wearing the belt stays captured and everyone loses.
Each Operation: Escape game comes with one master unit belt, three challenges, three keys and a set of cards.
Age: 6+

This company has many different games to choose from Zing: such as Tumblstix™ So simple…yet so complex. Tumblstix is a small, weighted mesmerizing stick that challenges balance.
Test your creativity and dexterity and sharpen your focus and hand-eye coordination by rolling over the Tumblstix gently. Balance and catch the stick smoothly during 360-degree rolls and 180-degree flicks, all while doing tricks! Once you get the hang of it, create your own tricks and upload them to social media.
Each Tumblstix includes LED lights for awesome visual effects.
Age: 4+

Zing Dama™ A twist on the traditional! This hybrid of KenDama, Yo-Yo and Zing consists of four parts: a ball, a ring, string and an adjustable strap.
Strap the cup firmly on to your fingers and start to swing the ball in any direction. Once you get into your groove, get creative with tricks and capture the ball with your own flair and skill.
The Zing Dama features multiple LED lights for 24/7 play and awesome visual effects. Record your skills and upload them to social media.
Age: 4+

Metal Chuckz™ are built just like Thumb Chucks, but these ‘Chucks’ are covered in a soft, sleek, ‘Metaltek’ coating for a brand new experience, allowing for advanced tricks because they are weighted slightly heavier than Thumb Chucks. Metal Chuckz deliver challenging fun with a classy look. Perfect for mastering tricks on the go while easily fitting inside your pocket!
Age: 5+

Spin Circuits™ A three pronged blade design that delivers 20 different preprogrammed LED light patterns with the press of a button! Stack them to any Zing spinner by using the Spin Pin to deliver an ultra colorful light display!Age: 4+
Age: 4+

Stikbot Movie Sets LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Stikbot hits Hollywood this fall and is bringing all Stikbot fans along!
Introducing Stikbot Movie Sets.
With nearly 200 million views on YouTube and over 150,000 original videos uploaded to YouTube by kids, Stikbot continues turn kids into creative stop-motion animation moviemakers.
Putting animation in the hands of everyone, new Stikbot Movie Sets let users create themed pop-up movie scenes right at home. Stikbot has never felt better on set! New three-dimensional sets each feature imaginative, detailed accessories, including stick-on “wardrobes” for Stikbot stars. Stikbot can rocket into outer space, sail the high with fellow pirates or tend to crops with fellow farmers. It’s the next step in stop-motion animation creativity! Check it out here!
Stikbots are easy-to-pose figures built with suction cup hands and feet that can stick to almost any flat surface. With the free Stikbot Studio app, available on iOS and Android, kids can snap individual photos and stitch them together into a film, complete with built-in music and sound effect options.
Users can share their creations using #Stikbot and see what others are making all over the world!
Age: 4+

Then from YULU: Break Free: Break Free from YULU Toys is a new, challenging action skill game full of urgency, suspense and tons of fun. The objective: players must race to pick the lock on their handcuff as quickly as possible and before everyone else! Firs t, players handcuff themselves together and insert a maze into each handcuff. The game includes three maze colors. Each color represents a different level of difficulty, making each round unpredictable. Using the lock pick, players must try to pick the lock on their handcuff as quickly as possible. The fastest to break free from their handcuff receives a token that corresponds with the maze color. There are points on the back of each token, the player with the most points after playing all three rounds, wins the game.
Record the ultimate race to escape and upload it to social media using #BreakFreeChallenge. Use the hashtag to also see others during their moment of truth and to challenge others!
Break Free requires 2 or more players. Each Break Free game comes with 4 handcuffs with chains, 4 lock picks, 4 easy level mazes, 4 intermediate level mazes, 4 advanced level mazes and 16 tokens.
Age: 6+

Safe Breaker: Calling all top-secret spies! Safe Breaker from YULU Toys is a new electronic game that combines spy skill, memory and a little bit of luck, challenging players to crack the code and break in to the safe.
To start the mission, players pick a card and turn the safe combination to the corresponding number shown. Next, use the fingerprint scanner to test the number. If the light is green, the safe will release some coins. If the light is red, connect the spy listening gear to the safe to hear a top- secret clue to deduce the correct combination code. Clues include mathematical chances and luck elements, allowing for a new experience each round.
BEWARE! Players who release police coins will alert the police and must return all their coins to the safe. The spy who collects the five golden coins or two diamond coins first, wins the game.
Each Safe Breaker game comes with 1 spy code vault, 1 spy stethoscope, 15 golden coins, coin stickers, 18 game cards and requires 2-4 players.
Age: 6+

and of course the game Operation: Escape.

Hope this gives you a few ideas of some new game this year.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

HGG - You Can Be a Star

HGG- You Can Be a Star
Are you still wondering what to get for someone special for Christmas? Maybe this will help. I received a book and I plan on giving it to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law for Christmas. I don't have to worry about her seeing this post because she doesn't know about my blog.

I received the same book a couple other times because I really enjoyed the story myself and I knew others would too. So to get started the book is from This company has many titles for you to choose from each with a story of their own. They have two special books just for this holiday season and these are: Season's Greetings, Season's Love and The Magic Snow Globes They both have a wonderful story line but as I said I chose the Magic Snow Globes to give this year.

This is a story all about you or the person(s) you decide to dedicate it to.

You just have to answer some questions like the type of vehicle the person drives, a nickname they have for their significant other, favourite perfume and/or after shave lotion etc. This all goes into the book that is personalized for you. There will be 26 bits of info about the starring couple. It really is a great book which I know the recipient is going to love.

If you decide you would rather choose a book that is not specifically for the holiday season, you can check out 50+ titles they offer to choose from, set all over the world. We suggest that you take a look at the website

So one lucky person will win this giveaway. The sponsor will set up a special code especially for the winner and you go from there. The book you choose will arrive shortly after it goes to print and you will be notified when its ready.

This is open to US and Canada and will end December 14/17. So good luck to everyone and get those entries in today.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

HGG-Something for the Man in Your Life

Here we have something I think any man would love to have. In fact I know a lot of women who like to fish so this could go for you as well as the men. Today we have a very nice package that I am sure you all will like.

Man Crates sent me the Troutdoorsman crate and it is really something.

It arrives in this wooden crate and is well sealed. They also send the laser-etched crowbar to use for opening the crate.

My husband opened the crate for me and when he saw what was inside he said "who are you giving this to?" I said "I think our son who does a lot of fishing." So then he said, "wow, I would have loved this." Oh well, sorry but our son is getting this one. Mean aren't I? :) So this is all that comes inside this crate:

Man Crates Exclusives

Avant-Garde Recipes for the Trout Enthusiast

O'fish'ial Blend Trout Seasoning

Trout Trappers
Canvas Creel
Kershaw Fixed Blade Filet Knife
Grandpa's Grill Holder

along with this to keep all the fish in until you get home:

Catch And Release The Flavor

Unlike their conniving, malicious aqua-brethren: bass, trout have earned our utmost respect. We think the world of their graceful agility, grandiose color patterns, and overall trustworthy character.

They are beautiful, emotionally-complex creatures, and if there was a way we could enjoy their delicious meaty insides without angling and gutting them, we would. Alas, the universe is cruel, and the best we can do is give them a most honorable end.
A Fresh, Flavorful Farewell
To make their journey into eternal slumber as comfortable as possible for the fisher and the fished, we've selected a Canvas Creel with a waterproof lining and breathable mesh sides. This bag can hold a handful of trout and insulating greenery, creating a fresh, preserving eco-purgatory for our cherished chums as they await their Glorious Zesting.
The Kershaw Fish Fillet Knife is the only trout trimming tool that does right by our fallen fish friends. The stainless steel blade makes for intricate cutting and compact storage, and its texture grip handle is water and fish-slime proof.

And for the camping troutdoorsmen in pursuit of the freshest feast, the Fire Grill gets trout over an open cooking fire in no time. This portable stainless steel wire cage attaches to any stick for a quick, crispy dinner, and honors the slain with a traditional viking burial.

Delicious Fish Dishes

The most worthy tribute to a caught and cooked trout is to ensure its death was deliciously not in vain. For the trout traditionalists, the zesty citrus O'Fish'ial Blend Trout Seasoning ensures every trout reaches its finest flavor potential in life and beyond.

We've unlocked the mysteries of supreme trout flavor in our tell-all book of ingenious meal creations--TROUT: Avant-Garde Recipes for the Trout Enthusiast. From tasty fish tacos where the fish is the taco, to perfectly cooking a fish inside a fish, this Man Crates exclusive cookbook will make that trout wish it was alive to taste itself.

The Troutdoorsman Crate equips every guy to properly commemorate his catch with the freshest, most flavorful fillets imaginable.

This Man Crate is priced at $99.99 and I am sure you know someone who would love to see this under the tree this year.
Man Crates has graciously offered a crate the very same as what I received to one lucky person. So get your entries in today and good luck to everyone.

Open to US/CANADA and ends December 7/17

Are You a Knitter or Crocheter? US and Canada

Are you a knitter or crocheter? I have worked with this company before and the yarn is very nice. This company is giving away a lot of yarn so if you are interested, fill in the application from the link below and maybe you will be chosen to receive some.

This company has started what will hopefully be a yearly event of giving yarn to individuals and groups who knit or crochet for good causes.

They are giving away $2000 worth of yarn and are hoping to get as many applicants as possible to ensure it goes to whoever it will have the maximum impact.

Would you like to apply for the yarn? You can find our more details and apply at the link below.

The details and application page is here:

If you are not interested, please forward to another blogger or anyone you think might be interested in some free yarn. Thank you.