Wednesday, November 13, 2019

#HGG Warm Buddy Polar Bear

Today we have a cuddly little fellow for you. This is the Warm Buddy Polar Bear. This guy is so very cute. He is so white and fluffy and is just plain adorable. He is guaranteed to keep you nice and warm with his inner heat pack that is removable.

He stands 18″ tall and is is created form ultra soft white fur. Now doesn't he have just the cutest face you ever saw?

This microwavable teddy polar bear features a removable inner heat pack that can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. This heat pack promotes relaxation and provides natural relief from aches, pains and stress. All Warm Buddy stuffed plush animals have this warm-up feature. Add aromatherapy oils for added enjoyment. is proud to support bear rehabilitation and conservation efforts, with the proceeds from the sale of all our Beary the Bears. To learn more visit the Bear Matters section of our website.

Every Warm Buddy animal comes with a removable inner pack that can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer as desired.

It has been proven that children develop faster when they get a good sleep. A Warm Buddy can help settle children at bedtime so they can achieve a deep restful sleep. Take a look at this short video.

Take a look at other warming products Warm Buddy has to offer.

One lucky person is going to win one of these Warm Buddy Polar Bears for their child or even for themselves to cuddle with and keep warm at night. Get those entries in today and good luck everyone.
Open to US/CANADA and ends November 30/19

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

#HGG Review- Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit

This season's perfect gift for everyone who seeks serenity and inner joy. This is an Adult Coloring Book for Relaxation and Meditation.

The Kit is designed to quiet your mind with 30 exquisites illustrations and inspirational quotes. It can help you unwind and
remind you of how awesome life is! It's a simple but very effective relaxation tool! Anyone can do it, anywhere and anytime. I am really going to enjoy coloring in this book after the last few months that we have had. I need time now to relax and get back into my lifestyle. Its been hectic.

This Relaxation kit has 30 Designs to color
Medicoloring: Meditation Guide
Multi-Color Pencil

I was asked by Olga Horvat if I would do a review of her kit and of course it looked very nice so I agreed. The kit came in a very short time after I accepted her request and now that we are back home and I have the time now, I will be able to sit in the evening and do some adult coloring. Some of the pages in this kit are going to look so nice once they are colored. Take a look at some of the pictures in this kit.

A couple more from the book:

I know you would love this book. Now a little about the author.

Hi, my name is Olga Horvat.
I'm the author of When Dogs Fly and the creator of Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit.

Olga's Story

I've tried many "traditional" meditative techniques, but I was not making any progress.

I almost gave up on meditation until I had my aha moment. This happened on my trip to Thailand. I was coloring one of my pictures at the airport and later during my flight. I didn’t notice how time passed by so quickly. Although traveling can be a stressful experience, such as coping with bad weather conditions, traffic jams and flight delays, that day I was not feeling stressed out at all. When I finally landed in Thailand after an 18-hour flight, I felt relaxed and without any signs of fatigue. This was surprising considering how much time I spent traveling!

At that moment I made a realization - I was meditating through coloring during my travel. I tuned into a meditative state of mind easily and effortlessly without being aware of it! It was a stunning discovery!

I'll be happy to teach you this relaxation technique, which I named "Medicoloring". It's very simple and super effective! All you need is a coloring page and a pencil (a multi-color pencil).

Feel free to follow Olga here
And here
And also here

You can read more on Olga's page here and you can order your own Relaxation Kit from her site.

Thanks Olga for the kit.

Friday, November 1, 2019

#HGG --Albert the Albatross

Our first giveaway for the gift guide is for the little ones. Its a great book that kids will enjoy and adults will as well. The pictures in this book are so bright and vivid. I love the colors that Oscar chose for this book.

Children’s Book ‘Albert The Albatross’
teaches kids how their attitude affects their altitude in the journey toward achieving their dreams.

About Albert The Albatross:

Albert the Albatross is on a journey sharing wisdom and Knowledge while traveling around the world.On the way he will meet and greet lots of his friends and we will learn what they do, and why they do it ( and what Albert thinks about it all ) A rhyming story for the young and old !

Oscar Redden IV is the author of “Albert the Albatross: Attitude Equal Altitude”- a book developed to serve as a blueprint to teach and inspire the youth about the values of integrity and respect. Oscar grew up in Sanford, Florida- a close-knit community where everyone knows each other, and family is monumental. Oscar has a Master’s in Business Administration from Saint Leo University and has spent over 6 years in Logistics with Walmart Supply Chain. Oscar believes that a positive attitude, which is just as important as skill set, is the X-factor to achieving your dreams. He currently lives in Ocala, Florida with his fiancĂ© and exotic plants. Please visit his website at

Meet the Author:

What made you want to become a writer?
Writing poetry was a way to express my thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner. At the time I was extremely shy. I was not the “social butterfly” in high school or college. I needed an outlet. Additionally, writing helped me understand and discover my voice. It was the only time I did not care about breaking a few grammar rules—delivering the unvarnished truth about life.

2. How have your life experiences contributed to the creation of a character such as Albert The Albatross?

I believe the exceptional home-training my parents instilled in my childhood was crucial in the creation of the character of Albert the Albatross. Lessons such as “treat others fairly, standing for a purpose, leading with integrity, sharing, being a team player and etc” all fueled the character. Many of the challenges that arose I had experienced or watched others endure. Throughout my life experiences, I was able to apply these teaching moments to become wiser, all while managing my emotions and projecting an effective attitude.

3. What made you want to transition from writer to author?
I consider myself to be an entrepreneur; I like to “dip and dabble” in different areas. I was not privy to authorship prior to my initial picture book. I looked at the transition as a short-term goal for 2019. Again, I do not have formal training or background in writing.
I took a chance on a message that I think resonates in society and will ultimately define everyone: how did we treat others, and did we live a life of pride that we would be comfortable telling our parents about?

4. If you could chat with one person living or dead, who would it be and why?

I would love to chat with my beloved grandfather, Oscar Redden JR, who recently passed away suddenly. He was my role model and gave me my very first job. Working alongside him, I witnessed his ambition, service to his community and love for family which left an everlasting impression on my life. I dedicated my book to him in memory of his life.

5. In the book, Albert travels around and meets many people. Name a place you traveled to that changed you for the better. Talk about the experience.

Approximately 4 years ago, I traveled to Costa Rica on a mission trip. The country was beautiful and solely driven by agricultural. Costa Rica contains over 100 volcanoes, positioned throughout the land. Uniquely, when the volcanoes erupt, the molten lava rolls down from the highest peak and saturates the land with minerals- spurring vegetation growth. Because the minerals in the lava are so rich, there is no need for farmers to do crop rotation, making farming easier and prosperous. When crops are harvested, they are sold as exports into America helping Costa Rica’s economy.
During my mission trip to Costa Rica I had the honor of serving at a non-for-profit recreation center for the youth. There I assisted with the sanding and painting of walls and helped with the mentoring of kids. This center was located right outside the capital, San Jose, in a small village called La Carpio (or the Village of Hope). I learned this village’s population is mostly children. Most of the kids attend school for half the day while the reminder work jobs to help support their families. Because children start working at an early age, education becomes less of a priority. I learned that the kids in this village do not have the opportunities to attend college. This was an “eye opener” for me as often we take access to education for granted in the United States.

Also, I visited another town called La Fortuna located right outside the capital. There I volunteered at an adoption shelter doing yard work- digging, planting and removing weeds from the garden. Also, I played board games with kids and colored with them. The kids seemed to really enjoy our company. However, it was heartbreaking to see them start to cry once we started to leave; their smiles faded. There were children asking us to adopt them. They sensed that no one was coming to pick them up. Unfortunately, our departure meant that they would have to deal with this harsh reality.

6. What is the most important thing you have learned about attitude?
A positive attitude can be contagious. Once you spread it, everyone gets a piece. That’s why I believe positivity is the catalyst to achieving altitude in attitude!

7. Did you always want to write for children? Why or why not?

To be honest, my intention was never to write for children. However, I saw an opportunity and took on the assignment. There are millions of kids across the world growing up without hope and aspirations. I wanted to create a picture book that had some substance and taught valuable life lessons to impressionable, young readers.

8. When not writing, what do you like to do in your free time?

I like to exercise. Also, I enjoy listening to old school R&B and hip-hop. I enjoy attending sporting events such as basketball games. Most of all, I enjoy spending quality time at home with my fiancé tending to our flower garden.


The sponsor has graciously offered this book to one lucky person from US/CANADA
Enter today for your chance to win. Ends November 15/19
Good luck everyone.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

What Has Been Going on in my Life

Okay as promised I said I would let everyone know why I haven't been that active on the blog for a bit. So to begin with back in March of this year my husband noticed a lump in his neck. As time went on, he had two biopsies and we were sent to Ottawa. Well we went and then were told it was cancer. So my husband said lets get it done. So July 22, he went into surgery for throat cancer.

What was supposed to take only 7 hours ended up being 11 1/2 hours. One doctor took things apart the other doctor put him back together again. When the doctor came out, I was in a panic thinking something had gone wrong. Well the surgery was more involved than they thought. He was cut from ear to ear, has a hole in the center of his throat, and had 71 staples. They removed his voice box, jugular vein, lymph nodes, part of the thyroid and a lot of other parts.

So to sum it all up, they had to cut him on the right thigh from just above the knee up to almost the groin to take skin etc. to make a flap in his throat. He knew all this before he agreed to the surgery and just wanted it over with. We were told he would not have a trach but when we got in to see him (my daughter in law was with me) he did have the hole in his throat and a trach. That was because it was more involved than they originally thought. His face and neck were all swollen and bruised and he was sedated with machines all over the place. He doesn't remember us being there but knowing he was being looked after, we came ahead home. Its 238 miles down and back from where we live. We went back the next day and saw him and he was sitting up but was very sore. He can no longer speak, like I said his voice box is gone. I will never hear his voice again saying good night, I love you. He was in critical care for about a week then into a special area where they watched him all the time. He was fed by a feeding tube in his nose and was ok with that. He was just happy to be alive and the cancer gone.

He was in the hospital for 19 days and when they felt he was able to come home they discharged him. I stayed a couple days in Ottawa at my son's so didn't have access to the computer. When he was able to come home, my son brought us back. He was so glad to get home. Then the avalanche began for us both. Things were happening so quick, nurses, dieticians, all kinds of supplies and feed coming to the door, medicines, it was crazy. I was so frustrated, nothing I did seemed to be right, I think I cried that first two weeks more than I have in my life. I never thought I would get the hang of things. My husband held me and tried to tell me it would be ok. I really didn't think it ever would be.

Anyhow, on September 16th we saw a doctor in Renfrew and had seen him in Ottawa as well. He said he could take the nose tube out and put a stomach tube in. Hubby agreed. So another 3 days in the hospital and then he came home. So now I had something new to learn again. Let me tell you my life has been so frustrating since July its unreal. The only people who knew what was going on were our kids and their wives and the grandchildren. He wanted nobody else to know especially his family. So they were sworn to secrecy. So here we are now with a stomach tube. More supplies, different feed, and so much more going on. I was ready to give up. I had to be strong for him. He asked me one night, well he wrote it in the book, do you think this was all worth it? I told him yes I still have you here with me, your kids and grandchildren have you yes it was worth it to us. He shook his head yes.

Now jumping ahead, giving the feed by syringe in the stomach tube was giving him diaherrea very bad. Plus the feed, so they changed the feed a few times and nothing was working. Here we go again, more frustration for us both. Finally a dietician in Ottawa contacted us and asked to see us. She sent us 8 boxes of 24 feed each and a feeding pump. I absolutely love it. I put the feed in the bag, put the tube into his stomach tube and turn the machine on after setting it and we can go shopping, travel all over and nobody knows he is being fed. I give him his feed on the way to Ottawa and its great. It takes one hour to finish. Its in a little pack sack that he can carry or put on his back. We have been travelling every day 5 days a week for radiation treatments and only have Friday and Monday left, then he is done. The total radiation treatments is 30. His neck is like raw liver and sore but the doctor gave us some prescriptions which seem to be helping. I feel so bad for him.

He tires quick but that is par for the course. He has lost some weight about 20 pounds already but soon will be healed and hopefully be able to eat pureed foods again which he was for a while. There is two machines we have here, we bought one so he can suction when he needs it and the other is one he puts a mask on and breathes. He cannot smell any longer and they said wouldn't be able to life his left arm very high but he can. His mouth is a bit crooked but they told him that too. He can't wear his dentures yet, they will have to be relined, he can't wear his hearing aids because his ears have no feeling yet.

He does a lot of writing in his book and tries to talk to me but I don't lip read and without his teeth its even harder. He gets frustrated but I bought a machine last week that he will be able to use to talk. It cost almost $300 but the speech therapist said he needs to practice and she will be there to help him. She is a doll and we really like her. She has other things there we will see about on Monday, his last treatment day, he will need something not too heavy to put around his neck in winter and windy days. He doesn't breathe through his nose anymore, its all through the trach so he needs it to be covered when he goes out. Oh so much to learn for us both and so much work. I am sure I probably missed some things that have happened but at least now you know what has been going on here.

We head to Ottawa in the morning again for his treatment then we have the weekend off and head back down Monday for the last time for at least 4 weeks. Then we go back to see the doctor. I am a night person and hardly ever saw my bed until around 3am. Now by 9:30 I am in bed tired out. I get out to do shopping and visit my cousin about once every two weeks for an hour or so *she only lives 5 minutes away* because if someone calls or comes to the door, he can't talk so it means I have to be home a lot. Anyhow at least I still have him. Medicines, machines, feeding tubes, nurses, dieticians, supplies and more all the time. Its been hectic.

So sorry this was so long and for those who read it all thank you. I am not looking for pity or anything else. I just wanted to explain what has been going on and why the blog has been slow.
So thanks for hanging in with me and tomorrow once we are back from Ottawa I will have the gift guide going as promised.

Thanks everyone so much. Now I am off to bed. Good night.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sesame Street 50 Years and Counting

We have a great 2 disc DVD for the little people again. This will keep them busy for hours watching Big Bird and all his friends. Brought to you by the letters, B, I, R, T, H, D, A, and Y! Sesame Street is celebrating 50 years and this specia 2 disc collection is packed with the most beloved moments from the show.

Joining the furry festivities are a host of special guests, including classic clips of Madeline Kahn, REM and Patti Labelle, songs from Solange, Sara Bareilles, Janelle Monae, and Josh Groban, and belly laughs courtesy of Amy Poehler, Jeff Goldblum and Ricky Gervais.

The first disc in this very special 2-disc set features some of the greatest Sesame Street moments from yesterday and today: fan-favorite animations like “Ladybug Picnic” and “Pinball Number Count”; new and classic songs from Kermit the Frog’s soulful “It’s Not Easy Being Green” to’s empowering anthem, “What I Am”; and timeless interactions between children and the Sesame Street Muppets. 50 Years and Counting will also let fans revisit Sesame Street’s many unforgettable celebrity appearances: Patti LaBelle putting a glamorous spin on the alphabet song; Amy Poehler teaching the gang new vocabulary words; R.E.M.’s joyful rendition of “Furry Happy Monsters”; Ricky Gervais trying -- and failing -- to sing Elmo to sleep; and other guest appearances made pop culture headlines while embodying Sesame Street’s inclusive lessons and values.

The second disc is an exclusive collection of the most iconic “Street Story” segments from Sesame Street’s 50-year history. With help from kids’ favorite characters, the early childhood experts behind Sesame Street helped generations of families tackle big conversations through little moments like these: the neighborhood’s poignant farewell to Mr.Hooper; the dramatic reveal of Big Bird’s not-so-imaginary friend, Mr. Snuffleupagus; and the debut of Julia, the first Sesame Street Muppet with autism.

Draw Elmo

Circle The Difference

Big Bird Coloring page

Sesame Street’s year long 50th anniversary celebrates the timeless lesson that Sesame Street has always taught: everyone, no matter who they are or where they are from, is equally deserving of respect, opportunity, and joy. Throughout 2019, families everywhere can join all their furry and feathered friends in celebrating Sesame Street’s past, present, and future with a nationwide road trip, celebrity- and fan-fueled social media campaigns, new social impact initiatives, and a star-studded primetime special that will kick off the show’s 50th season.

50 Years and Counting also lets fans revisit the lighter side of the Street: Super Grover’s many crash-landings, Bert and Ernie’s classic comedy-duo antics, moments with human friends like Bob, Maria, Luis, Susan, and Gordon, and much more. There are even a few never-before-seen outtakes with Jim Henson and other original performers! With over five-and-a-half hours of content from all five decades of the beloved show, 50 Years and Counting offers something for everyone – from the very young to the young at heart.

Ends Oct. 28/19
The sponsor has offered to send DVD's to 3 winners from US or Canada so get entering today and good luck.