Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hulk Costume-Review-NEW COSTUMES

Recently I received the package that my grandson has been waiting for. This year for Halloween he wants to dress as The Hulk. So his wish is my command so to speak. I sent for the costume and when it arrived I had my grandson come over to try it on. It just fits him and maybe I should have ordered a larger size but too late now. He put it on and was so excited. He looks pretty good except for my floor which is in the process of being replaced. But the costume looked good and he is happy. He looks to be pretty well fit doesn't he? Look at those abs. lol The ensemble comes with a green and gray jumpsuit with a muscle chest so that your son can show off all of the strength of this superhero. Also included are shoe covers and a ferocious green mask so that your child will really transform into this beast from head to toe.

I remember watching The Hulk when Bill Bixby played him on television and loved that show. Its nice to see that an 8 year old is taking interest in this now too. The Hulk is like a super hero to him and other little boys too I presume. Its so nice that today we can buy costumes for our kids that they will enjoy wearing at Halloween. For my grandson, he gets to celebrate Halloween twice. First out at his nanny's trailer where all the campers get a gathering to hand out treats to the kids. Then on October 31st, the kids get to celebrate again. They sure do fill up on the goodies at these two holiday.

Take a look at some of the costumes they offer for girls, men and plus size:

If you are looking for a costume for your child this year, there are so many to choose from. They have boys costumes Historic/Patriotic, TV & Movie, Cartoon Characters, Pirate and Fairy Tale. For girls they have Historic/Patriotic, Disney, Tween, TV & Movie, Cartoon Characters, Pirate and Fairy Tale.
They have women, men, toddlers, infants, Teen, sexy and Plus size costumes so there is one for every person's preference.

So I know this is still only July but blink your eyes and it will be the end of October and for those who celebrate Halloween, you can get a head start right now by checking out this site and choosing your costume for this year. I know you will love the choices you have there. Have fun!
Thanks to the sponsor for my costume. My grandson is over the moon.

You can check all of them here

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