Saturday, December 13, 2014

Free Blogger Opp...

Welcome to Kawartha Lakes Mums Rumidfier Free Blogger Opp!
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Kawartha Lakes Mums Free Blogger Opportunity - Rumidifier Winter Warmer #GreenHumidifier Giveaway

Rumidifier Home Comforts is giving away a fantastic eco-friendly solution to dry air! A Rumidifier, and you are invited to take part in this free Blogger Opp for this Giveaway open to Canada and USA.

FTC Disclosure: Rumidifier Home Comforts is supplying a Rumidifier for Kawartha Lakes Mums to review, and also as a prize for winner.No bloggers have received compensation for this giveaway.

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What is a Rumidifier?

The award-winning Rumidifier is a unique, patented,noiseless room humidifier which works without any electricity!

On average, Rumidifier helps a customer save $20 per year just in hydro savings! So not only is the Rumidier very Environmentally friendly, but also Economically viable.

When you consider the hydro savings,you're getting the product at a negative cost!

What else do we love?


  • No need to unplug when you go to work,
  • No need to plug in when you are back home,
  • No messy cords on your way,
  • No switches and controls to worry about,
  • Automatically cycles ON/OFF automatically,
  • Will never breakdown,
  • Just fit and forget,
  • All for $39.95
Retail availability : Home Depot, Home Hardware.
It is an Eco-friendly GREEN humidifier with zero operating cost.

Designed to be energy efficient, noise free, maintenance free, cordless, and compact, stand alone, lightweight, and easy to assemble, install and operate, the Rumidifier won "Green Product" award winner at the 2012 Exploriem Entrepreneur Network award ceremony.

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The Blogger Opp will run until December 16, 2014 3pm

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Limited Co-Host Spots also Available.

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Suzanne Sholer said...

Thanks for joining our Blogger Opp. The html may be late. The lock on our apartment is stuck.

Darlene Demell said...

You are welcome Suzanne, hope you get the lock un-stuck soon. :)