Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sharing a day with Jeff Berwick

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Accessible Media

Jeff spends his days much like we do except he is blind. He has his job to go to every day, he makes breakfast for his children and even can sit and watch a movie on tv with the family and he knows when to laugh at just the right times. I never knew they had what they call voice over tv for the blind.

Jeff has a dog who accompanies him on his travels and when they come to a light, its not the dog letting him know when he can cross the street, its his own senses telling him when to go. He has a bit of a problem distinguishing sounds when it rains but otherwise he gets around just fine. The train or bus station would be difficult for most and being blind adds to the confusion sometimes but Jeff listens to the sounds and can make his way just like any seeing eye person can.

Jeff gives each of us something to think about. Life doesn't end just because you lose your sight. Our other senses we are born with help us out in many ways as Jeff has proven in this video.

Please take the time to watch this 5 minute video and I want to thank Jeff for allowing us to spend a day in his life that is so different from our own.

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